Spend your holidays in Costa del Sol means finding stunning beaches, fantastic cultural offer, incredible landscapes and the opportunity to try delicious food. Don’t miss the chance to take a look to unique attractions and discover the rich cultural heritage of this area of Spain.

Would you like to visit a lagoon full of flamingos? Or would you like to admire the first art works of humankind? These attractions and much more await you on the Costa del Sol! Take a look to our list of 5 fantastic places to visit on the Costal del Sol.

5 Fantastic places to visit on the Costa del Sol

Nerja Caves:

Nerja Caves

These caves are a must place to visit while you are on the Costa del Sol. The caves were discovered on 1959 by a group of local boys. On that night they couldn’t imagine that they had found the only known art works created by Neanderthal man. The age of these images has been put between 42,300 and 43,500 years old.

But that’s not the only attraction of these caves; Nerja Caves are home to the world’s largest column: 35 meters high! On 1989 was added to the Guinness book of world records.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Concepcion

Would you like to enjoy a trip around the world without leaving Spain? You don’t believe that’s possible, right? Well on the Botanical Garden “La Concepcion” everything is possible! You can enjoy a lovely stroll on the trail of “around the world in eighty trees”. On this trail you will find many trees, shrubs, vines and herbaceous from the 5 continents!

Colomares Castle

Castle Colomar

Colomares Castle is a monument that with each stone tells the fantastic history of the discovering of the “New World”, misnamed “America”. The castle has a fantastic architecture and a beautiful design, the shape of a caravel, in honour to the 5th centenary of the discovery of America.

But Colomares also houses the smallest church in the world! The church, dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Alicate beach

costa del Sol


Located only 6 miles from the city centre of Marbella, you will find Alicate Beach. Alicate Beach borders an exclusive residential area and is home to some famous celebrities, including Antonio Banderas, who has a beautiful house on the beach.

The beach stretches 850 meters long, borders Pinomar and Costabella, constituting a full length of 1 mile of typical Mediterranean sand.  Alicate beach is your perfect choice if you want to enjoy a beautiful beach with all the services and facilities.

Baños del Carmen

Baños del Carmen

Baños del Carmen was once a thermal bath spa, located on the Mediterranean Sea, unfortunately nowadays is in ruins, however you can still visit it and we assure you that from Baños del Camen you will be witness of one the best sunsets of Spain.

Without any doubt Costa del Sol in Spain is a beautiful place to spend your holidays!

Have you ever been to one of these places? Tell us what do you think about our selection!