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Frankfurt is certainly a city of contrasts. Students and wealthy bankers coexist in the financial hub of Germany; the beautiful and old buildings of the city are just next to the most impressive skyscrapers of Europe.

The city boasts an unbeatable location on the River Main and, thanks to its internationally diverse, has many attractions to offer; from shopping and arts to historic buildings and unique history.

Certainly, if you want to explore a beautiful city of Germany, check out these 6 top attractions in Frankfurt.

6 top attractions in Frankfurt

1. The Main Tower


If you want to see “Main-Hattan” in all its splendor, you must take the “Main Tower” elevator up to the platform to enjoy breathtaking views of the cityscape. The viewing platform is the only area open for public and has an admission fee of around 5€.

Once you have observed the architecture of the city from the skies is time to enjoy Frankfurt from the ground.

2. Goethe House


Goethe is considered the most important writer of Germany, this fabulous writer was born in Frankfurt, and nowadays its house has become an exciting attraction. Despite the fact that the original house was destroyed during the war, it was fully restored with its original furniture, period paintings, and books of Goethe’s family.

3. The Römerberg


The Römerberg is considered the heart and soul of Frankfurt. Römerberg (Roman Mountain) is home to emblematic buildings such as the City Hall, which dates back to 1405.

This is the most picturesque public square of the city as well as the busiest pedestrian area. The Römerberg is flanked by 11 old buildings, which date from the 15th to early 18th centuries.

4. The Senckenberg Museum

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If you are planning to visit Frankfurt with your kids, you must include in your agenda a visit to the Senckenberg Museum. This museum is probably the most modern museum of natural history not only in Germany but also in Europe.

The museum counts with numerous displays relating to our world’s biodiversity and the evolution of the species. The Senckenberg Museum is home to the biggest exhibition of large dinosaurs in Europe, making a very popular activity for kids.

5. Roman Catholic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral


Built in an elegant Gothic Style of the 14th century, the Frankfurter Dom still stand out from the rest of the buildings of Frankfurt. On this Cathedral, you can find important relics such as the famous sculpture: The Crucifixion by Hans Backoffen, sculpted in 1500. Other relics that stand are the skullcap of St. Bartholomew and the grave-slab of King Günter, who died in 1349.

6. Banks of River Main


Enjoy pleasant strolls along the banks of the river, lined both sides by the best museums in Germany. The “Museumsufer” or the Museum district of Frankfurt is home to a world-class collection, separate in 12 museums.

All of them offer interesting collections, but the Museum of World Cultures is regarded as one of the best museums of Europe.The museum counts with more than 64,000 artifacts from many different areas of the world.

Another interesting museum is the Museum of Ancient Sculpture, home to an extensive collection of Greeks, Egyptians, and Roman sculptures, as well as some pieces from medieval and baroque periods.

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