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Slovenia is a beautiful country that features an idyllic location in the heart of Europe. This European Nation, which was part of former Yugoslavia, is a diverse country made up for the most famous European scenery: Eastern Alps, Danubian lowlands, the Balkans and the Mediterranean Sea. A visit to Slovenia is the perfect opportunity to admire a country with a large array of scenic landscapes including lively cities, delightful towns, snow-capped mountains and attractive beaches. As you can see Slovenia has everything you need for spend unforgettable holidays. Do you want to discover top Attractions Slovenia? Take a look at this post and join us on an adventure in Europe.

Attractions Slovenia


Perhaps, Koper is one of the most characteristic cities on the coast of Slovenia. This coastal town dates back from 1500 BC, with a Roman essence but with strokes of a large number of cultures that made it their home. Its aesthetic has undergone many changes, the most important its passage from being an island and become a mainland.

Nowadays, Koper is a lesser known destination which, however, offers several pleasant attractions. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the city centre and visit Tito Square, explore the renovated Praetorian Palace and climb the Campanile to enjoy breathtaking views of the city. There is a free public beach access by the marina of Koper which is perfect for soak up the sun or swim.


Attractions Slovenia

Maribor is one of the largest cities in Slovenia, only behind Ljubljana. Very close to the Austrian border, this lovely city built along the banks of the Drava River is mainly known for the wineries that surround the city. Furthermore, Maribor offers a vast array of outdoor activities that makes it fabulous as well as one of the top attractions Slovenia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll along the main squares of Maribor, which include Slomškov Square, the Main Square and the Castle Square.  Certainly, Maribor is a charming city full of beautiful attractions. Also, in Maribor, you have the opportunity to see the Stara Trta or the oldest vine in the world. This vine dates back over 450 years. One of the most popular attraction Slovenia is the opportunity to enjoy the wine tour with a trip to the popular Old Vine House and the huge Vinag Wine Cellar.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is located in the north-west of Slovenia and is very famous amongst sports enthusiasts. This area becomes a hot-spot during the winter thanks to its top slopes perfect for practising skiing and snowboarding. Especially in the Vitranc Complex, taking advantage of frequent snowfalls and steep trails. Nevertheless, on summer, this area becomes a top spot for those looking for fabulous hiking trails. Even if you don’t enjoy outdoor activities, Kranjska Gora is the perfect spot for unwinding.


Celje is one of the oldest cities in all of Slovenia. This small village enjoys a prime location on the banks of the Savinja River. Certainly, the top attraction is its huge Castle, erected in the 14th century. The castle of Celje has been taking care of the city for centuries, thanks to its privileged location atop of the hill.

The best way to discover Celje is by enjoying a walk through Old Celje, the historic centre. The historic centre features buildings from medieval times and cobbled streets, furthermore don’t miss the opportunity to dine in a local restaurant and admire the traditional architecture of the city.


Undoubtedly, one of the best attractions Slovenia is its capital, Ljubljana. Despite its small size, Ljubljana has a unique charm and a lively atmosphere. One of the most important attraction is the Tromostovje, also known as the triple bridge. Ljubljana is home to beautiful medieval squares and castles, also you can visit the original Roman city walls or unwind in the beautiful Tivoli Park. As a European capital, Ljubljana is home to fabulous museums, a zoo and the Slovenian National Theater.

Triglav National Park

Are you one of those adventurous travellers looking for the ultimate adventure? If so, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the unique National Park of Slovenia, the Triglav National Park. Undoubtedly, this park offers the most amazing natural landscapes in Slovenia. Located in the northwestern area of the country, this park is home to the highest peak of Julian Alps, Mount Triglav. Also, in this park, you can find the beautiful Lake Bohinj.

Lake Bled

Considered the gateway to Triglav National Park, Lake Bled is an emerald green lake surrounded by the Julian Alps. What makes it one of the best attractions Slovenia is the tiny island in the middle of the lake that houses a church of the 17th century.

Thanks to its small size, it’s possible to enjoy a pleasant walk around the lake. Also, you can rent a rowboat and explore it. Furthermore, allow some time to visit the beautiful Bled Castle. This castle, built on the edge of a cliff, is a fabulous place to learn more about Slovenia and its rich cultural heritage.


Ptuj is referred to as the oldest city in Slovenia. It’s a small city that does not reach the 30,000 inhabitants but accumulates a great historical legacy. It was a prosperous city during Roman times, called Colonia Ulpia Trajana Poetovio.

Ptuj lies on the banks of the Drava River and features top attractions like the Monument to Orpheus dating from Roman times. Despite the numerous archaeological remains of Roman times, the present appearance originated mainly in the Middle Ages.


Piran is considered the best preserved Venetian port in the world, apart from Venice, of course. The structure of narrow streets, the architecture of their houses, the beautiful main square or the remains of the old wall make this town unique.

Tartini Square is the heart of Piran and a charming place. A curious square, oval shaped and paved in marble, presided over by the statue of the composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini. It gives magic, beauty and elegance in equal parts. In the lively square, you will see the beautiful porticoed building of the town hall, the courts, the church of San Pedro (1818) and the house Tartini, the oldest house in the square and birthplace of the composer. The buildings of soft pastel colours give harmony to the whole of the square.


Postojna is a small city in south-western Slovenia. Despite its small size, Postojna is one of the best attractions Slovenia thanks to its unique areas and stunning landscapes. This city is famous for its extensive cave system, which has 20 km. Postojnska Jama is the largest cave system in Slovenia. It consists of three caves: Postojna, Pivka and the Black Cave.

Postojna is one of the most visited caves in the world, as well as one of the most beautiful. Beginning from its imposing entrance, under the castle of Predjama, you will notice that this is a very interesting cave. It consists of many areas of different colours: red, black and white, thanks to the different minerals that make up the rocks. The red ones are the oxidised form of iron with carbon, the black by potassium and white by calcium.

Another peculiarity of the cave is its fauna. Although difficult to see due to the darkness and its small size, in the cave lives a unique animal, the Human Fish. Its scientific name is Proteus anguinus, and it’s a fish capable of living 100 years. Its secret is to pump its blood very slowly, at a rate of one beat per minute. In addition to the Human Fish, Postojna is home to more than 83 native species, including bats, mice and spiders.

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