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most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

The beaches of Sardinia are the best and most pristine in the entire Mediterranean. This list includes all the best coasts and bays of Sardinia, in our opinion, If you’re travelling to this island, keep in mind that Sardinia is really big. You may not have time to visit all these beaches, as they are on opposite sides of the island. If you have decided to travel to the north of the island, would be better for you to read the post that talks about the beaches of Northern Sardinia.

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

1. Asinara Island

asinara island

Abandoned, forgotten for decades, known only as the island’s maximum security prison, the Asinara returned to its splendour in 2010. It was declared a National Park in 2002 and even today preserves its natural beauty, thanks to the presence in decades of a maximum security prison on the island that did not allow the access to anyone who was not “handcuffed”. The island of Asinara, 52 square kilometres, located in the north of the island in front of Porto Torres and Stintino, the third largest island of Sardinia for extension after Sant’Antioco and San Pietro.

Today there is no prison and the island has been restored and suitable for tourism. You can go to the Asinara for day trips or overnight and stay at the only accommodation on the island, The Cala d’Oliva hostel, located in a former barracks. A visit to the Asinara is perfect for canoeing, sailing or motor sailing, fishing or diving, but you can do all these activities only at the points allowed to the practice of this and accompanied by the monitor of one of the centres authorized diving (info: parcoasinara.org). For lovers of trekking and horseback riding excursions are organized on the island along the roads between untouched nature. The best beach of Asinara, and one of the top ten beaches in Sardinia is Cala d’Arena, at the northeast, two sandy beaches lapped by a sea of dreams, dominated by one of three Spanish towers of XVII century. The sea is shallow, and the beach is never crowded, as access is regulated by the National Park. Just be careful with the boar!

2. Among Isola Rossa and Castelsardo

Isola Rossa

The stretch of coast between Castelsardo and Isola Rossa (Red Island) , east of Porto Torres won the Blue Flag in 2012 thanks to its clear waters and its natural environment. You can enjoy the nature and relax in the hot springs of Santa Maria Coghinas, which is heated with an eco-sustainable system, or you can enjoy a scuba-diving session.

3. Caprera Island

Caprera Island

You will find many sandy coves and crystal clear water, away from mass tourism. This island is known for its three fantastic beaches, the first two in the south, Cala Portese and Cala Andreani, where you can dive among the remains of a wreck or visit the Dolphin Research Center. Finally, the third beach in the north is Punta Palma, also known as Tahiti for its beautiful landscapes.

4. Pink Beach

Pink Beach Sardinia

On the island of Budelli is where you will find the most famous beach in Sardinia, pink beach. This is one of the most protected beaches in the world because of its exceptional colours. In fact, the mixture of pink and turquoise gives a stunning result.

But, do you know why the sand has a pink colour?

This is the result of a mix between the coral pieces of broken shells and tiny marine invertebrates (called foraminifera shells equipped with bright pink or red colour) they are present in abundance and give this colour to the beach.

5. Porto Zafferano

Porto Zafferano

Porto Zafferano is a deserted beach reserved exclusively to the NATO military exercises, for 10 months it’s not possible to access. But during the months of July and August, the ban is lifted and everyone can enjoy these pristine beaches. It is located on the island of Capo Teulada where you will enjoy a unique and 100% natural beach. Only natives know the secrets of this peninsula, which remains unreachable for 10 months. Come and discover this beach!

6. Cala Isola Porri

Cala Isola Porri

To reach Cala Isola Porri, the easiest way is by boat, but only if the sea level allows. Otherwise, you can go by the road from Stintino, taking the road to Cala Coscia di Donna. Then, park your car and walk along the coast. The journey is long (three hours round trip), but it is worth it. If you are someone looking for nature, paradisiacal landscapes, and crystal clear water, so do not miss this wild white sand beach.

7. Colostrai Beach

Colostrai Beach

White sand, green and deep sea, is never full of people, even in high season; you will enjoy the white sand beach, for sunbathing and a turquoise sea, perfect for scuba diving. Colostrai Beach is one of the quietest beaches in Sardinia.

8. Feraxi Beach

Feraxi Beach

If you like the white dunes, natural beaches, crystal clear water, countless fish, all with mountain views, so come to enjoy the Ferraxi beach. Located in the south of the island, we really recommend you to go spend a day on this paradise beach.

9. Portixeddu Beach

Portixeddu beach

Come to swim at Portixeddu Beach! This is a great natural beach of golden sand that is perfect for scuba-diving. It offers an infinite number of marine species. If you are lucky you will see dolphins and swim with manta rays. You should know that it is a protected beach.

10. Is Areanas S’Acqua e S’Ollastu

Is Areanas S’Acqua e S’Ollastu

The most famous beaches of the Costa Verde are Is Arenas and Acqua If Ollastu. They are characterized by its huge mountains of golden sand and deep blue waters. They are known for its natural scenery, mountainous and full of deep water corals that attract thousands of fish. They are part of the Natural Park of Sardinia and are protected.

The island has a wide range of hotels in Sardinia, as it is very touristy, offers many hotels for all tastes and budgets. But there are still areas where tourism has not come at all and may be more difficult to find accommodation.

So come to visit the beautiful island of Sardinia!