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Top Berlin Clubs: the greatest parties in Europe

berlin clubsCurrently, Berlin is the undisputed European capital of clubbing and probably will be’ for many years. That’s why most of the record labels, music software houses and especially the greatest DJ’s have recently moved here. All these ingredients allow the development of an unleashed and very libertine nightlife in Berlin with parties which sometimes begin on Friday night and ends on Monday morning. Berlin clubs are among the best in the world.

That’s the case of the BAR 25, mainly a summer club located along the Spree River in Katerholzig, where the party plays minimal house and seems to go on forever. The club is run by a community of modern hippie who lives year-round in some ruolotte in the same club. www.bar25.de

Bar 25 Berlin Clubs
Bar 25 Berlin

Another very important Berlin club is located just below the Oberbaumbrucke and is called Watergate. The club is divided into 2 dance floors: the main dance floor is characterized by a LED light ceiling which lights up to the music while the ground floor is located at the level of the Spree River and offers a breathtaking view of the bridge Oberbaumbrucke. (www.water-gate.de)

Watergate berlin clubs

The most historic of Berlin clubs is the Tresor. This club, despite having changed the original location, remains the reference point for the ‘purists’ of techno music: here the BPM increase and the music become very hard and “angry”. tresorberlin.com


There’s also the Weekend,  the most loved by tourists of Berlin clubs. Newly built this club is located between the 12th and 15th floor of a tower in Alexander Platz where it is accessed by paying in the lobby and then going up in the elevator to the club. The dance floor is surrounded by windows which allow you to enjoy a unique view of Berlin from above. Here too, the music played is techno house and in the summer season Sundays they organize parties in a terrace dominating the city which lasts until the early hours of Monday mornings. www.week-end-berlin.de


But according to the main opinion, the so-considered best Berlin club is the Berghain, located near Ostbahnof, with a great Panorama bar, good Music and endless parties.  berghain.de