best Cycling routes in the USA

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Why private yourself on the lane when you can enjoy a beautiful road? Enjoy the scenery on car-free roads across one of the biggest countries on earth. America is a great nation with great spots for fabulous experiences. It’s a country that each year attracts million of tourists due to its unique attractions and a vast array of entertainment options.

This land couldn’t be the exception when talking about cycling routes, a country with fascinating landscapes and beautiful countryside can be experienced not only by car or train, can also become a fabulous adventure for cyclists.

With over 40,000 miles of national cycle network, the United States of North America has become an ideal place for holidaymakers looking to pedal up and witness the natural world. More and more Americans are becoming fans of getting a bike and hit the road. The best part of the cycling routes in America is the possibility to enjoy beautiful car-free roads, don’t be afraid to cycle free on these paths and roads, you won’t need to yell now and then “Car Back”!

On today post we will suggest you 5 of the best cycling routes in the USA, those paths where the bike is the King of the road. Check out this post and discover routes for all tastes, from those who pass into the Wild West to those that pass through the main cities and its old trails. Are you a Bike fan? If so, Don’t miss the following routes on your next holidays in America.

The best Cycling routes in the USA

Paseo del Bosque Tail, New Mexico.


AlbuquerquePaseo Del Bosque Trail is lAlbuquerque’s premier trail. This trail passes from the north to the south edges of the metropolitan area along the Rio Grande. Across this beautiful trail, you will see the massive twister cottonwood trees, beautiful mountains rising up on the beautiful deserted horizon, red rocky formations and wildlife.

During October is probably the best time to enjoy this route as it is the time for Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta as well as the early autumn always come with mild temperatures and colorful landscapes.

Carriage Trails, Maine.



Are you looking for a fabulous day biking in the USA? If so, the Carriage Trails is where you must be. The national park of Acadia offers a car-free road with nearly 50 miles length. This is considered one of the best Cycling routes in the USA thanks to its many picturesque options. Don’t miss the chance to visit the only fjord in North America. Jordan-Bubble Ponds and Eagle Lake Loops are other beautiful attractions of the Carriage Trails.

Island Line Rail Trail, Vermont.



Have you ever dreamed of walking on water? If so, the Island Line Rail is the closest thing to having that feeling. This is one of New England’s most spectacular trails and always ranks as one of the best Cycling routes in the USA.

This trail starts at the Oakledge Park, and the route leads north along the stunning waterfront. Don’t miss the chance to admire the stunning lake views at the Park. During some seasons, you will find a snack bar that serves a broad array of soft drinks and food.

American River Bike Trail, California.


The “Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail,” also known as the American River Bike Trail runs for more than 30 miles between a Lake in Folsom and Discover Park in Old Sacramento. On this fabulous route, you will pedal with the American River at your side.

One of the most beautiful features of the road is the opportunity to witness the lush vegetation and the California poppies. Furthermore, you will pass over the Guy West Bridge, a replica of the famous Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge.

George S. Mickelson Trail, South Dakota.


Finally, The George S. Mickelson Trail, one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the country. This tail is a fabulous adventure of nearly 110 miles. The George S. Mickelson Trail is a movable treat for the eyes as you pass the pine forests, meadow lands, swimmable creeks and rocky canyons, feeling with every pedal stroke that you are traveling on a holy territory.

In conclusion, America features beautiful routes for cyclists. Here our selection of the best Cycling routes in the USA. Are you ready for your next adventure across this beautiful cycling routes? Tells us what you think about this selection.