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The United States is the mecca of national parks. Since the opening of Yellowstone National Park in the late 19th century, the practice of hiking and mountaineering in the United States has been widespread and the government has carefully taken care of the routes, landscape and wildlife of its natural reserves.

Unbelievable sights and dramatic geology are some of the most impressive features of most of the hiking routes in the USA. From routes across glaciers to narrow pathways with balancing rocks overlooking the coast, this country offers you some of the most beautiful areas to appreciate how wonderful our world is. Are you ready to discover the best hikes in the USA? Check them out!

The Best Hikes in the USA

The Bright Angel Trail – Grand Canyon, Arizona:

10 Legendary Routes in the USA: The Best Hikes in the USA

If it’s the first time you hike in the Grand Canyon, the Bright Angel Trail is the perfect starting point. This is one of the two main routes that cross the canyon. The Bright Angel Trail is in very good conditions and offers stunning views of the Canyon. This route, unlike South Kaibab Trail, has more shadow areas, of course, that depends on the time of day. Also on this route, you will find numerous areas that offer water.

Kalalau Trail- Kauai, Hawaii:

It’s the only land area where you can walk around the rugged coast. The road crosses five valleys ending at Kalalau beach. They are in total 11 miles with views of the cliffs and extensive valleys inland.

The Tahoe Rim Trail – Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada:

This is one of the first hiking trails that were created in the world. It crosses the states of California and Nevada, six counted, a natural park and a good list of natural reserves. Whether you want to complete the whole train or simply enjoy a day full of adventures, the Tahoe Rim Trail is perfect for you.

Glacier Gorge – Estes Park Colorado:

Located within the Rocky Mountain National Park, this is a dream for photographers thanks to its alpine images, waterfalls and wild vegetation.

Half Dome – Yosemite, California:

This is a classic American trekking with breathtaking views of Half Dome Peak so often photographed with the moon behind it. The Half Dome is one of the most prominent figures in Yosemite National Park. At 2700 meters, it’s not the highest peak in the park, but standing alone 1500 meters above the valley floor, it’s impossible not to notice it. In 1865 Josiah Whitney, director of the United States Geological Survey, described it as “perfectly inaccessible, probably the only prominent place in Yosemite that has never been, and will never be, trampled by man”. In fact, his words served as a spur and in 1875 George Anderson reached his summit by drilling the granite.

Today, climb the Half Dome is very simple from the end of May to the middle of October when cables are installed as a via Ferrata in the final section. In fact, the biggest difficulty for this ascent is not technical, but logistics, because in recent years the route has become so widespread that a maximum capacity of 300 people has been established per day and it is necessary to obtain a permit to reach the summit.

Enchantment Traverse – Seattle, Washington:

Considered the best trekking in the Washington area and one of the best hikes in the USA. It is about 30 miles with a varied wildlife. This fabulous area offers a fabulous Alpine paradise, crystal clear lakes and mountainous area. There are 3 ways to explore the area, unfortunately, none of them are easy.

Chimney Pond Trail – Baxter State Park, Maine:

A trekking through one of the areas with the tallest and tallest trees in the world. The Chimney Pond Trail is a 6 miles trails that gently ascends through a forest offering fabulous sights to the North Basin.

Denali National Park – Alaska:

With Mount Whitney in the background, those who have circled this trail say it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. During the summer there are 12 hours of sunshine and you can also observe the habitat of wild animals in the area.

Breakneck Ridge Trail – Beacon, New York:

Located inside the Hudson Highlands State Park, this fabulous trail follows the course of the Hudson River. Breakneck Ridge Trail is one of the best hikes in the USA thanks to its fabulous areas and impressive landscapes.

Furnace Mountain – Waynesboro, Virginia:

Special for lovers of views from the top of the peaks and from camping to the side of the rivers. This beautiful trail features a fabulous location north of the Appalachian Trail and west of the Austin Mountain. Thanks to its idyllic emplacement, the Furnace Mountain a large number of trails perfect for unforgettable adventures.

Here our selection with the best hikes in the USA. Have you ever dreamed of travel across this great land? Comment!