Best Hotels in Vegas

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Vegas is an oasis in the desert of Nevada, USA, and it is known as the Sin City. Vegas is one of the most iconic cities, not only for their colors and lights in the streets and its casinos; you can be yourself and feel free to carry out any craziness.

Vegas offers you the chance to have fun in their rinks, its magic shows and with the games at its luxury casinos … and even, to celebrate your wedding ceremony presided by Elvis!

One of the exclusives of Vegas is the opportunity to stay in its luxurious hotels, the most famous worldwide, thanks to the peculiarities of the best hotels in Vegas.

Thus, we bring you an accurate selection of best hotels in Vegas to stay during your journey in Vegas. There, you will be able to enjoy the best luxury services:

1. Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

planet hollywood las vegas

Planet Hollywood Hotel Las Vegas, known as The Aladdin, is a symbol of fun and adventure which you can live in Vegas.

With two extensive soccer fields, a swimming pool and luxurious rooms, you will be able to have a pleasant and unforgettable accommodation.

Moreover, in 1969, Elvis and Priscilla Elvis celebrated their wedding in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

2. Bellagio Las Vegas

bellagio las vegas

Bellagio Hotel is starring all American films about Vegas. Thanks to the fame acquired in Hollywood and its dazzling illuminated fountains, it is the most expensive hotel in whole city.

There are impressive courtyards and gardens at the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas. In consequence, many couples come to the hotel because they can provide the best services for a romantic weekend.

3. Caesars Palace

Caesars palace

As its name suggests, Caesars Palace is a luxury hotel inspired by Roman Empire. The five towers are: Caesars Palace, Forum, Roman, Palace, Augustus and Centurion, and they are hosting a capacity of 3,340 rooms.

In conclusion, the main attraction is in the Coliseum, where Caesars Palace celebrates important spectacles.

4. The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

The Venetian Las Vegas Hotel

The Venetian Hotel shows the style of the famous Italian city Venice. It recreates places like the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, the Campanile and the Piazza San Marco.

The shopping and restaurants of The Venetian has an artificial ceiling, running 24 hours a day to provide the impression of a sunny atmosphere.

It has a total capacity of 8,000 seats available, including suites and standard rooms. On the other hand, emphasizes the great casino of 11,000 m² and musical of The Phantom of the Opera.

5. Hotel Paris

Hotel Paris Las Vegas

The Hotel Paris is one of the best acclimated in Vegas, and you can see outside the most important monuments in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triumph.
Inside the hotel the same romanticism that permeates the European capital: beautiful buildings, bakeries and cake quality, and some of the best restaurants of best hotels in Vegas.

6. The MGM Grand Hotel

MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Vegas. It is the largest hotel in the city and it has been the biggest of the world until 2006.

Since the completion of its construction in 1993, MGM has appeared on television many times. The hotel is particularly known for boxing fans, because they celebrated the most important boxing matches of the world.

And you, have you visited any of these hotels? Are you looking to stay in any of them? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience!