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Costa Brava a Mediterranean Paradise… most of the time, people rather spend loads of money in Ibiza or Mallorca and forget about the stunning landscape and fantastic beaches of Costa Brava in Cataluña, in this post you can read more about this beautiful Paradise!

Most beaches on the Mediterranean coast are great, but La Costa Brava is singular, because, there are beautiful beaches surrounded by lush forests to spend unforgettable days of summer.

Costa Brava a Mediterranean Paradise located in the province of Gerona.  Costa Brava is the name gave to the coast area from Blanes to Port Bou.

The origin of the name is ambiguous some people say that the name comes from the ancient inhabitants and miners of the area, they start to call it like that due to its mountainous landscapes and rocky cliffs; some others say it was the invention of a journalist.

No matter which one is the real version of the origin of this name, the only thing we know for sure is that 1965, was given the name of Costa Brava officially.

Before the exploitation of the coast, this area was full of picturesque villages with small beaches, those characteristics made that artists and writers like Chagall or Picasso were interested in this beautiful area.

Nowadays some beaches preserve all that charm, but unfortunately not all of them; on this post, you can read about some of the most beautiful beaches and learn more about the real Catalan culture, but the most important to discover more La Costa Brava a Mediterranean Paradise.

Costa Brava a Mediterranean Paradise

Keep Reading to Discover the most fantastic beaches of this beautiful Paradise on the Mediterranean coast.


This beach is located in the Alto Ampurdán, surrounded by natural beauty. Llançà offers to its visitors cobbled beaches and calm water.  Is quiet, peaceful and offers its guest’s lovely views and excellent experiences.


This is one of the most famous one, full of charm and picturesque streets. Cadaques is not just the perfect place to enjoy a fabulous day of summer; it is also the village where Salvador Dali used to live, no wonder why he chose this fantastic place, the beach itself inspired to anyone, is a peaceful place to relax. At this village, the leisure offer is reduced, but the restaurants offer a high quality of products and an excellent service.  Thanks to this village we consider La Costa Brava a Mediterranean Paradise


This beach is probably one of the most exploited one by tourists…. But definitely worth a visit, is rich in history, you will find a medieval fortress of the XVI century, is not just a beautiful golden sandy beach with crystal clear water it is also a nice place to learn about the history of the area.

The leisure offer in Roses is incredibly vast, a suggestion for the summer would be:  take a catamaran and discover all the Gulf of Roses, while you enjoy a good drink with the summer breeze in your face.


L’Escala is very famous for its anchovies, with a denomination of origin; these anchovies are the main ingredient for many delicious dishes of the area.

But L’escala is not just that it is also a fantastic beach to spend lovely days of summer. The best places to relax are the beaches of Empuries, where is also the place where you can visit the ancient Greco-Roman ruins of Empurias

All the beaches of this area will make you see why is called La Costa Brava a Mediterranean Paradise.


Palamos and its famous “Gambas of Palamos,” which are the main ingredient in many of the dishes!  You can’t miss the chance to try the great rice with Gambas of Palamos!

Palamos is also one of the most important commercial ports in Cataluña. After an excellent sunbathing at the beach, you can enjoy pleasant strolls around the village.

L’Estartit and the Illes Medes

If you are a fan of snorkelling you can’t miss the opportunity to visit L’Estartit, there are many places where you can rent the equipment and start your excursion to the Illes Medes! Is without any doubt a perfect plan!

If you are not a big fan of snorkelling, don’t worry! There are other leisure options for you! For example a nice walk to hidden coves! Or another good option is just relaxing at the beautiful beach! This beach has fine sand and crystal clear shallow water! Perfect features if you are travelling with kids!


Is one of the best secrets of La Costa Brava, Tamariu is a magnificent beach hidden by mountains, it is one of the most beautiful places in La Costa Brava, is perfect to practice snorkelling or if you prefer to rent a kayak and sail away…

Tamariu offers to its visitors 3 beaches, two of them are golden sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, the other one is a cobbled beach. Don’t forget to try the “Ron Cremat” the perfect beverage for a summer night.


Begur is the proud village which hosts the best beaches on La Costa Brava. The town is fascinating, with cobbled and picturesque streets, full of little and charming stores, where you can spend your afternoon walking and taking pictures.  Sa Riera, Aiguafreda, Aiguablava, Sa Tuna, and Fornells are the five beautiful beaches that Begur has to offer to all its visitors.

The offer for hotels in La Costa Brava wide, so you should worry about your accommodation, click here and find the best option for your needs and budget. Costa Brava a Mediterranean Paradise, full of fantastic places to discover and visit, of course, there are more beaches in La Costa Brava, but these are the most beautiful ones.

If you decided to spend your summer in La Costa Brava, you wouldn’t regret it… You can be sure that these memories will always be in your mind and you will always be craving to come back.