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We present you the most beautiful places in west Mallorca

West Mallorca is one of the greatest places in Spain. This land belongs, along with Menorca and Ibiza, to the Balearic Islands, placed in the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca is really famous among European visitors, specially the German ones. An amazing amount of them visit the island every summer, due to the great weather, big beaches and good prices that we can find in it.

One area that is not as famous as other parts of iti is the west coast, which we want to present to you in this post.


Valldemosa is probably the most beautiful city of Mallorca. Its streets and buildings are lovely, made of stone, and they are always filled with a lot of people. There are plenty of businesses dedicated to visitors, from souvenirs shops to all kind of restaurants and bars.

We encourage you to enjoy the city by walk and take all the time that it is necessary to fully appreciate all its details.


Port des Canonge

In the west coast, there is a little spot called Port des Canonge. This area has a lot of mountains and cliffs, and among them you can find beautiful beaches to enjoy.

In this particular town there is a few apartments and hotels to stay, in the middle of the mountain buy really close to the sea. In fact, the view of the sea from this position is totally amazing, which is always a great deal. This area is not as crowded as others in Mallorca, so it can be the perfect place to have a nice vacation time in the summer.


Sa Calobra beach

There are a few little spots in the world that must be visited no matter what, and this is one of them. Close to Soller, in the north-west of the island, there is a one hour trip to Sa Calobra beach. This place is only reachable thanks to one and only road through the mountains, but the effort is worth it.

Once you are there, you are able to enjoy a fantastic view from this stone beach, which is only accessible through several little tunnels under the mountains. The water is always clean and you won’t resist the temptation of taking a bath. Don’t forget to enjoy this unique landscape in west Mallorca.


Are you willing to discover beautiful places in Mallorca? We have presented you some amazing options, which could make this trip even funnier than you expected. It the weather is all right, your stay will be a total success.