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Autumn for some people it’s the best season of the year. The temperatures are mild, the days are shorter but still nice, the beautiful colors of the leaves and the stunning sunsets. Undoubtedly, autumn is a fantastic season, perfect for a nice getaway in autumn.

If you are thinking of keep enjoying the holidays a little more take a look to these 5 Fantastic destinations for a nice getaway in autumn. Travelling during autumn offers countless of advantages… shorter lines in attractions, best deals for shows, few crowds and beautiful scenarios.

5 Fantastic destinations for a nice getaway in autumn

Bruges , Belgium.

5 Destinations for a nice getaway in autumn, Burges

Probably, Bruges is one of the most beautiful destinations during autumn. This medieval city becomes more alive than ever during this season. Certainly the crimson and golden vines that cover the buildings with the colors of autumn provide a beautiful set.

During autumn the city offers countless of activities such as the open-air markets that are open during November. Bruges assure you a nice getaway in autumn.

Budapest, Hungary.


Budapest is an ideal destination during autumn… Why? Thanks to its fantastic temperatures as well as the numerous celebrations that takes place during autumn.

During November the Hungarians celebrate annual festivals of food and beverages. Budapest it is also a great destination to enjoy nice strolls along its stunning streets and cozy cafes.

Loire Valley, France.


This is one of the best destinations in Europe if you want to admire the colorful displays that autumn brings. Intense orange and beautiful hues of gold, followed by the Loire River and unique landscapes dotted with castles, Can you picture it?

Certainly Loire Valley is a destination for romantics and for those who enjoy the beautiful scenarios that autumn provides. Probably Loire Valley is the most authentic destination of this selection and perfect for a nice getaway in autumn.

Eastbourne, England.


Eastbourne is a beautiful town, actually is a seaside resort, famous for being a typical area for the English summer, as well as Brighton. Eastbourne is perfect for every season but during autumn will offer you fantastic memories.

Don’t forget to enjoy a stroll in Princess Park and admire the beautiful hues of golden yellow and intense orange, the leaves falling… Certainly Princess Park provides a beautiful autumn scenario.

During summer is quiet hard to find a spot in the rocky beach of Eastbourne, but during autumn… you can bring your towel and admire the sunset in the English Channel. Eastbourne is close to other areas such as Hasting, Rye, Lewes and Brighton, the best option is rent a car and discover the autumn across East Sussex.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.


Dubrovnik is a beautiful city along the Coast of the Adriatic, famous for being a destination with affordable prices, especially in autumn. The weather in the city still warm, therefore if you want to enjoy the last bath of the year without leaving Europe you can visit this beautiful city of Croatia.

These are our 5 Fantastic destinations for a nice getaway in autumn. 

Have you ever been to one of these places during autumn? Did you enjoy it? Comment!