Undoubtedly, Golf is a fascinating game that goes far beyond from the 18 holes you are used to at your local golf course, numerous courses are waiting for you across the world. Finding new golf courses can be challenging and also an opportunity to explore a whole new world.

In the past few years, Spain has become one of the best destinations for golf fans. The courts, most of them located in breathtaking places, are one of its most remarkable characteristics, for both professionals and beginners. The beautiful settings, pleasant climate, excellent visibility and the soft winds make Spain a unique emplacement for an unforgettable Golfing experience. If you are a Golf fan and also in your spare time you enjoy traveling the world, why not mixing all together and enjoy a fabulous Golf Vacation in Spain? Take a look at our suggestions and find out if there is one that tee off in your eyes!

Golf Vacation: Golfing experience in Spain

Albacete: Las Pinaíllas

Undoubtedly, Las Pinaíllas is the best-kept secret of Spanish Golf. Nobody can imagine that in the middle of the community of Castilla-La Mancha, a region with no tradition in Golf, could be home to one of the best 18-holes designs. Severiano Ballestero creates a fabulous design with a location well communicated with Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, and Almeria. Las Pinaíllas enjoys a fairly flat terrain, making it a delightful area to walk. The maintenance is exceptional, and the water traps and the length of the holes are a challenge for all types of players.

Calatayud: Augusta Golf

If Spain is not an unknown location for you, you may be used to play in beautiful Golf courses in Madrid or Costa del Sol, however, there are also other beautiful areas where to practice this fabulous sport, one of those is Calatayud. This Aragonese city features an incredible Golf course named Augusta. The Augusta Golf opened its doors in 2001, initially with just 9 holes until 2006 when was fully refurbished. Now, this fabulous complex features a modern 18-hole design.

For those who know something about Golf, there isn’t a surprise that this 2017 Augusta Golf Calatayud will host the celebration of the Championship of Spain Professional for the first time. This event is very important in the country, and Calatayud has been chosen thanks to its excellent facilities and top quality of its course. Certainly, Augusta Golf Calatayud will ensure an unforgettable golfing experience in Spain.

Cordoba: Cordoba Club

Cordoba deserves a visit for a large number of reasons: its mosque, its beautiful courtyards and of course its delicious culinary options. But there is another top attraction that only a few visitors are aware, and that is its top Golf Course. The Cordoba Club enjoys an idyllic emplacement in the Sierra Morena, just a few kilometres off the city centre.

This golf course is like an oasis, surrounded by pines and oaks, with a fabulous design that surprises everyone who visits it. However, it’s advisable to visit this golf course with a local, because we have to admit that if you come all by yourself for the first time, this course will be a real challenge. The Cordoba Club has numerous blind blows, and you might need special tricks to make a hole in one.

Cadiz: Valderrama Golf Club

In a unique natural setting, you will find what many people consider the “Golf Masterpiece” an artwork designed by Robert Trent Jones. Valderrama Golf Club is not an unknown in the Golf world, we are sure that everyone knows something about “The Augusta of Europe”. Certainly, if you are a good player, enjoying fabulous Golf Vacation in Cadiz is the best choice. 

This club has hosted numerous and important competitions, including the Ryder Cup and the Volvo Masters. In addition to its top facilities, Valderrama is very friendly with the environment, in fact, it’s the only European golf club to be awarded the Audubon status, which means that Valderrama is friendly with the natural ecosystem of the area. It’s true that this club is for the elite members. However, visitors can still visit the first tee. The fee is expensive, but if you are a real golf fan, you cannot miss the opportunity to play like a pro and enjoy an unforgettable golfing experience in Spain.

Gerona: PGA Catalunya Resort

Located in the Gerundian town of Caldes de Malavella, PGA Catalunya Resort opened its doors in 1999, created to host both professional and amateur tournaments. Of great beauty, the most prominent characteristic of the Stadium Course is its difficulty, with numerous trees and ponds making its route. Long course, suitable for excellent punters, precision it’s a necessary virtue to tackle each of its holes, highlighting the abundance of great lakes surrounding the greens. Perfectly nestled in nature, each corner of its route offers unique landscapes and stunning views, with narrow paths surrounded by large trees that protect the greens. So, are you ready to pack up all your golf equipment and enjoy the perfect Golf Vacation in Spain? Spain is always a good place to enjoy your holidays.