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The Canary Islands, Azores, Madeira and Porto Santo… The Atlantic Ocean is home to beautiful paradises. Can you tell which archipelago is missing from that list? No? Well, it’s Cape Verde. Cape Verde is a beautiful area spanning an archipelago of 10 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The reasons for going to Cape Verde are many and varied: to discover the fauna and the flora, as well as to know its inhabitants and its culture.

The Old Portuguese colony astonishes and leaves speechless to all who visit it for the first time. The magical coasts of Cape Verde offer you the world full of surprises and adventures. If you are looking for new experiences, and moments to remember in this beautiful archipelago, you will find them. In any case, travel around Cape Verde is not easy, as it happens in any other archipelago, but taking a plane or a boat is an added delight to the trip. Do you want to know why you should spend your next holidays to Cape Verde? If so, we invite you to relax and take a look at this post.

Reasons why you should spend your next holidays to Cape Verde

Soak up the sun on idyllic beaches

Ok, we are aware that you can do this activity in numerous places, however not all the destinations offers you beaches with a different type of sands. Do you like white sand beaches? Then you must visit Boa Vista, the island of the dunes, Santa Monica or Chave. Or, do you prefer dark sandy beaches? If so, then you must go to Fire. Are you one of those who simply want to discover a beautiful landscape? We suggest you go straight to Baixa da Rocha, on São Nicolau Island. As you can see, the options are varied and numerous.

Jump from one island to another

Explore the archipelagos of the Island is not that simple, but also it’s one of the reasons to spend holidays to Cape Verde, as it’s an adventure. If you want to explore the ten islands, you will need more than a month to do it. So, we propose you to organise your trip, before your arrival and choose the islands you like the most. Although in Cape Verde, you have both air and sea transport, it’s not as fast as we can imagine. However, it’s a real experience to visit the islands by plane. There is also the possibility of taking one of the boats that connect the different islands.

Visit the beautiful villages

Away from the main cities and stunning beaches, Cape Verde continues to retain its traditional character. By touring the islands, you can discover beautiful villages full of charm. To discover these beautiful villages, the best is to rent a car or a motorbike.  We suggest you visiting Villa Santa Maria, which is the one that offers a large number of attractions and activities. Furthermore, Villa Santa Maria is famous for its windsurfing scene.  Also, we suggest you visiting Cidade Velha, the most historical area of the archipelago.

This beautiful destination is located on the island of Santiago, only a few minutes away from Praia.  Finally, we encourage you to discover the village of Fontainhas, on Santo Antao Island. The best way to reach this village is by foot. On the hiking trail that leads to Fontainhas you will enjoy breathtaking views of the sea.

Climb the slopes of the “Mountain of Fire.”

5 Reasons why you should spend your next holidays to Cape Verde

Cape Verde features a large array of outdoor activities, so if you are adventurous or want to discover idyllic locations, this archipelago is perfect for you. If you come by plane during a clear day, you will see the volcanic origin of this archipelago. Do you remember that epic image of Death Mountain on Zelda? Well, on the island of Fogo you can see a mountain that looks almost the same. Undoubtedly, one of the best excursions in Cape Verde is the opportunity to hike along the slopes of Pico de Fogo, always accompanied by a guide.

Discover the island of Sal and its Salt Caves

Little populated but very appreciated by the tourists, the island of Salt is full of charms. Its lack of relief and its aridity can fill with bewilderment. However, the beaches are also magnificent here. They are drenched with turquoise water, especially if you stay away from hotel complexes. Surely you have the opportunity to observe the turtle and crab dance in this place. But, we suggest you to visit the amazing salt cave of Pedra de Lume, located inside a crater.

Here our 5 Reasons why you should spend your next holidays to Cape Verde. We are sure that this idyllic archipelago has tonnes of things to offer, we invite you to explore it. Are you ready to discover a new destination full of charm and unspoilt beaches? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to spend your next holidays to Cape Verde. Have you ever been to Cape Verde? Can you tell us more reasons why spend holidays to Cape Verde? Comment!