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Japan… the land of the rising sun is a country with no comparison; is modern, urban and without any doubt holds the most incredible history around the world.

Japan is a total contradiction, capable to have a powerful economy and a very developed industry; and also be one of the most traditional country.

It is really hard to give a real definition to this country but without any doubt is a stunning country, where everyone should go at least one time in the life time.

Japan is a country for all seasons; even if we are just capable to picture Japan during autumn and spring, or those typical images of Tokyo, the truth is that Japan have impressive beaches and ski resorts that have nothing to envy to other “typical” places for winter and summer.

Through this post you can read more about Japan and its seasons and the fantastic touristic offer that the land of the rising sun has to offer. Check it out!

Japan a country for all seasons

Ancient and Modern, antonyms, that Japan has combined to the perfection. Traditional temples mixed amongst impressive skyscrapers. When to travel to Japan? when you want to! Japan is a stunning country that can be visited at any season! But on this post you can read which are the best zones for each season.

Winter in Japan

Winter Japan


Winter starts on december, and is a very good month to visit Japan, thanks to the dry conditions.

Japan is a top destination for New Year’s (shogatsu) and is the best opportunity to see one of the most important holidays of the country. If you visit Japan during New Year’s eve don’t forget to stop by a temple around midnight to begin New Year with good foot!

In other hand if you enjoy skiing… remember that Japan is a world class ski destination! the quality of the snow is perfect, the scenery is stunning and after a long day hitting the slopes you can relax at the hot springs.

The most demanded ski resorts of Japan are at the northern island of Hokkaido; but during the past few years due to the magnificent beauty of Mount Fuji some small ski resorts have been created and each year attracts more and more tourists.

Spring in Japan

Japan Spring

Spring is probably the most beautiful time to visit Japan, is the time when the cherry blossoms fill Tokyo with its beautiful splendor. You have the opportunity to enjoy lovely strolls around Tokyo and visit any park to be witness of this stunning natural sight.

You can also visit Hakone and take the most typical photograph of cherry blossom and a snowy mount Fuji. If you decided to visit Hakone you will experiment a calm and peaceful environment after being at the exhausting Tokyo. Relax at one of the many hot springs available at this beautiful location.

Another fantastic place to visit during spring is Osaka; is one of the largest cities of the country and also one of the most important, only behind Tokyo. Osaka is home of many fantastic temples; one of the most recommended landmark is the Osaka castle, perfect to see the cherry blossom.

Summer in Japan

Japan Summer

Japan is an island, which means that has a sea! In effect Japan is located among the Pacific Ocean, the East China sea and the Japanese Sea. Japan has an extensive coastline with a large variety of beaches.

You have many options to choose among the large list of beaches of the country, but there are some beaches that are just stunning, and has nothing to envy to Fiji or Bermudas.

If you want paradisiacal, turquoise waters and white sand beaches, you have to go to Okinawa. These beaches are open all year, because that even during winter time, the water temperature rarely falling below 14-16 degrees.

Okinawa Prefecture (Kume Island) is perfect if you want to practice snorkelling; but the most important advantage is to have the opportunity to visit the sandbar (Hatenohama Beach).

But if you want to visit the best beaches of the country then you have to go straight to Miyako Island, perfect if you want to practice diving or snorkeling.

Japan Tokyo

Despite of the typical image of Tokyo, this fabulous modern city has some popular beaches to a very close distance. Odaiba beach is perfect for strolls by the beach and to admire the beautiful sights of the skyscrapers of Tokyo at the skyline.

Autumn in Japan

This season is fantastic if you want to discover this mysterious country… during autumn the colorful leaves are just an impressive spectacle nobody should miss.

Japan autumn

The best spots to admire this beautiful display of colors is Kyoto. Kyoto has played an important part of the history of Japan; during many centuries served as the emperor residence and was the capital of Japan.

Kyoto is one of the most important cities of the country, and offers countless temples, gardens, shrines and historical landmarks than any other place.

The most beautiful place to admire the colors of autumn is at Eikando Temple. The place is just fantastic, the leaves range from yellow to brown and the evening illumination create the most incredible atmosphere.

Japan is a country for all seasons, perfect to be visited at any time! Have you ever been in Japan? Do you know other beautiful sights of Japan? Tell us what do you think about this post!