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Curled up on the saddle, the handlebars firmly in your hands, the road that runs under your two wheels: these are the ingredients for a motorbike holiday. Just a curve, the landscape that runs out, the scents and essences, the roar of the cylinders (which is sometimes harmony) and there you are rewarded for all the efforts. Because of a motorbike holiday is a different holiday which is becoming trendy.

motorbike holidays
motorbike holidays

Motorbike holidays, practiced in Europe by thirty million people, is not just a different kind of holiday  but a philosophy and a way of life, with its rituals and languages, such as the mandatory greetings to the other bikers you cross with throughout the world, the mutual assistance, the courtesy , the rules of etiquette… This kind of holiday travel is mostly common in the United States, the homeland of mythical Harley Davison and the legendary Route 66.

But what about the Old Continent? Which is the most popular motorbike holiday in Europe?

motorbike holidays stelvio pass
Stelvio Pass

Tuscany in Italy is one of the most popular among bikers. In Tuscany there is anything that can please a biker: mountain roads such as those of Abetone or the hills of Chianti, Val d’Orcia or the hills near Siena, where the landscape is creepy, and the sea, such as the cliffs of the coast of Romito, in south of the city of Livorno. But if you prefer higher mountain routes you should drive following the paths of the Dolomites, in the Alps between Italy and Austria, as the Brenner Pass or the Stelvio curves. Another great route you can drive during you motorbike holiday is in the Spanish Costa Brava, where you can drive from the Spanish-French border, along the great coast, to the city of Barcelona, one of the European bikers capitals.

amalfi coast
amalfi coast

But if what you are searching for is the best panorama, you should head to the Amalfi Coast, in the south of Naples, where the cliffs are overlooking the see in a great scenery. Also the circumnavigation of Sicily on two wheels is an unforgettable experience. A classic hike with your motorbike is the one to Etna Volcano.

Cinque Terre italy

Other mythical motorbike holiday route are the Cinque Terre, in Liguria, Italy, Normandy or Brittany in France with stops at Annecy and Mont Saint Michael, and the great highlands region in Scotland.

Sassi di Matera

But if you like to experience something new, a still undiscovered bikers route, drive to Matera in the south of Italy through the contemplative streets in the highlands and campaigns which surround the city of Sassi di Matera (Stones of Matera), an ancient cave dwelling, scenery of the Mel Gibson movie “The Passion of Christ”.

The really new in terms of motorbike holidays is actually the trail of about 1600 kilometers between Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia. The journey time is a couple of weeks and the best times to go is June, September or October, as the central summer months can be hot and rainy. The journey in Albania and in Kosovo is a surprise: friendly people and good hotels. But the roads often can be rough. Bosnia and Montenegro, however, are confirmed as the paradise of the bikers. Berat is an Ottoman town where a stop is a must: the fortified town, chapels and ancient houses and the location like a terrace on the valley make it highly enjoyable. In Macedonia you should visit the town of Ohrid, UNESCO world heritage site, with its Byzantine churches and the monastery of Sveti Naum. After a stop in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, it is highly recommended a stop in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful in Croatia and the whole Adriatic. And don’t forget Mostar, Bosnia’s gem, which also worth a few hours of visit.

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