Romantic Cities for Valentine’s Day

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Are you already preparing a surprise for your significant other for Valentine’s day? If so, you are definitely a romantic partner. In HotelNights, we are determined to help you on this task. With our proposition, you’ll leave your partner astonished with a getaway at one of our 6 Romantic Cities for Valentine’s Day. 

If you and your partner enjoy travel, you have a fantastic excuse to surprise him/her. On this post, we want to inspire you for packing your bags and discover Europe in a couple. Forget Paris and Venice, explore other beautiful locations in Europe.

Whether it’s the first time, you will travel together, or you want to enjoy a unique adventure, on this post you will find good ideas for enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Day in beautiful locations across the old continent. Are you planning a romantic getaway and ran out of fresh ideas? Check out our list of 6 Romantic Cities for Valentine’s Day.

6 Romantic Cities for Valentine’s Day

For beginners: Florence, Italy.


Why Florence? Florence is considered one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Enjoy this fabulous city is a matter of 2, if you are starting a relationship, a visit to this magical city is a lifetime experience. Take a deep breath and start admiring this beautiful city full of historical monuments and artworks.

Before your arrival, make sure you have chosen a fantastic hotel in the center. Most hotels count with beautiful rooftop terraces to enjoy and admire Florence while sipping a prosecco. Because, what can be more romantic than admiring the sunset hand in hand overlooking Florence?

For an adventurous couple: Madeira, Portugal.


Madeira is a Portuguese Atlantic archipelago famous for its wines and relaxed style. In the past few years, this Portuguese destination has created a new reputation as an adventure destination thanks, overall, for its world-class beaches perfect for surfing.

Its lush interiors and rough trails along volcanic ridges have also helped to build the reputation. You and your partner can defy the gravity and climb the Arieiro, the rocky peak with wonderful trails across lush Eucalyptus forest. At the top of the Arieiro, you will find an amazing lunar landscape, certainly a fabulous experience to be shared with your beloved partner.

For couple travel on a budget: Budapest, Hungary.


Budapest is perfect for Valentine’s getaway.  The city ranks as one of the most affordable cities in Europe and features fabulous attractions ideal for couples. The city dates back to Old Stone Age and counts with different architecture styles like Ottoman architecture, Neo-Gothic and of course Roman and Renaissance traces.

The capital of Hungary also features a fabulous and varied dining offer. If you want to visit a beautiful city and want to save on your romantic getaway, you must consider Budapest as your next destination.

For Beach Lovers: Canary Islands, Spain.


The Canary Islands are the perfect destination to those who wants to enjoy a warm Valentine’s Day or to those beach lovers. Due to its micro-climates, visitors can enjoy lush forests, deserts that resemble lunar landscapes, powdery and rocky beaches.

Furthermore on Canary Islands visitors can practice water sports and activities such as Surfing, snorkeling, and even whale-watching. Certainly, the Canary Islands must be included in the list of Romantic Cities for Valentine’s Day.

For Gay-friendly: Brighton, England.

The UK’s Gay capital is always an excellent destination to for Valentine’s Day. Due to its fabulous atmosphere and its reputation for cheeky and open minded, Brighton is one of the best locations for Valentine’s Day.

The city is famous for its legendary nightlife, vibrant atmosphere and top attractions. Furthermore, Brighton features some of the best LGBT pubs in England. Certainly, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll along the beach while admiring the sunset. Take advantage of the vast array of dining option and enjoy a romantic dinner in Brighton.

Tell us what you think about our selection for 6 Romantic Cities for Valentine’s Day. Have you ever been to any of these? Share your experience with us.