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On March 8th we celebrate the international women’s day. It’s a special date perfect to reflect on the progress made, to call for a change and to celebrate the numerous acts of courage made by ordinary women. What better way to celebrate all these achievements and progress than having the opportunity to discover the world on our own? And even more, enjoying the opportunity to visit an area considered dangerous.

Is it safe to travel to South America? A large number of solo travellers are afraid of visiting the south and central America. Most visitors avoid South America due to its reputation for dodgy areas. Crime is a problem, and it’s true that most of the countries are very poor. But always your best bet is to use your common sense. Avoid, dodgy areas, don’t dress flashy jewellery, and the most important don’t be paranoid and relax.

In the past few years, South and Central America have become a very popular area for travellers from around the world thanks to its incredible wildlife, beautiful landmarks and for the friendly character of their inhabitants. Travellers have realized that most of this countries are not dangerous as long as you follow some advice and use your common sense.

Leave any misconception at home, South America is simply irresistible for a solo woman travel. If you have the idea of countries like Colombia, Peru or Ecuador are unwelcoming, it’s because you haven’t been there yet. Are you ready to discover the world? Check out these destinations perfect for a solo woman.

Is it safe to travel to South America? Destinations perfect for a solo woman.


This beautiful and unusually long country, which has always been seen as less glamorous than its neighbour, Argentina, can be said that it’s the most diverse, liveliest and safest country in South America. In this country, you can visit vast deserts, snowcapped volcanoes, glaciers and salt marshes. Furthermore, you can enjoy the lively nightlife of Santiago or Valparaiso.

Do you want to enjoy cultural holidays? If so, you can explore Santiago and its numerous museums dedicated to famous Chileans like Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral. If on the other hand, you want to enjoy the liveliest area of the country, you must go straight to Valparaiso. Once you leave Chile, and people ask you is it safe to travel to South America? You will say absolutely yes.


The heartland of the Inca Empire is one of the best countries for backpackers women. The country is easily reachable, features a delicious, large and incredible food scene, but there is one reason that everyone should visit Peru at least once in their lifetime and that is the impressive Machu Picchu.

Like most South America countries, Peru offers a diverse landscape with a large number of beautiful areas perfect for exploring. Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu are its most famous landmarks, but not the only ones. Don’t miss the chance to visit the only desert oasis in the continent, Huacachina. If you love adventures and new experience, you can enjoy a sandboarding trip or a fantastic dune buggy ride, both experiences are fantastic.

Also, did you know that in Peru you can swim in one of the highest and largest lakes in the world? The Lake Titicaca, not many people enjoy a swim in there as the temperature it’s very low, however, the experience is incredible. Regarding cities, you should visit the capital as it’s home to numerous museums that worth the visit. Don’t miss the chance for visiting the Plaza de Armas, Miraflores, Convento de San Francisco and the catacombs. Lima has some dodgy areas, but also New York and London, so simply avoid dark areas.


When you mention countries like Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela is when people ask is it safe to travel to South America? And it’s true that these countries have a bad reputation, but again, everything depends on your common sense. The fact is that Colombia in the past few years has left away from its bad reputation and has become one of the most demanded destinations for solo female travellers.

Colombia is home to one of the most beautiful Spanish colonial cities in the world, Cartagena. The city is not only perfect for those looking for cultural attractions, as its monuments, museums and landmarks are vast but also is perfect for those looking for fantastic white sandy beaches. Also, if you want to visit unique attractions, how about visiting a church built underground on a salt mine? The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, an incredible and marvellous construction that goes beyond the imagination.

Don’t miss the chance to hike the popular route to “Ciudad Perdida”. The “lost city” is hidden deep in the Sierra Nevada. According to local proofs, the city was built by Tayrona Indians between the 8th and 14th centuries. Certainly, cities are lovely, but the best areas of the country are its beaches, forests and its towns.


safe to travel to South America

Definitely, Ecuador is a country that remains soulful for visitors thanks, overall, for the beauty of its colonial cities, stunning beaches and lush jungles. Furthermore, you can visit the fantastic Galapagos Islands and the Andes that border some areas of its terrain. Ecuador has become a top location for women travelling solo because gives what they come looking for: freedom, empowerment and the opportunity of meeting new and friendly people in the process.

Ecuador is a very diverse country, thanks to its compact size, you can enjoy a lovely adventure in a very short period. Firstly, if you want to enjoy a unique experience you must visit the Galapagos Island, the islands where Charles Darwin developed his theories. Swim with sea lions, discover the habits of the giant turtles or simply hike and explore the island.

Are you up for an adventure? If so, how about exploring the Amazon Jungle? In fact, Ecuador is the cheapest place to visit it. Discover the exotic wildlife only found at this very place. In addition, you can visit the highest waterfall in Ecuador, San Rafael waterfall. This beautiful waterfall enjoys a privileged location in the middle of the Andes and the Amazon, in the Sumano Biosphere Reserve.

Finally, Is it safe to travel to South America? Yes, you only need to use your common sense and just be careful. The experience is fantastic and South America is a beautiful region full of possibilities. Have you ever been to South America? Is it safe to travel to South America? Do you agree with us? Comment!