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It’s no surprise Santorini is the most photographed location in the Greek islands: with sunny beaches, whitewashed villages, awesome cliffs and its worldwide known volcano’s caldera.

Santorini caldera

Watched over by its famous smoldering volcano and steeped in lost–city-of-Atlantis

myth, nowhere better epitomizes the Greek island idyll than Santorini. And, with its turquoise waters lapping against the dramatic rocky bays of the famed caldera, it’s no surprise that honeymooners flock here for the sunsets.

santorini-sunsetSantorini sunset

One of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history shook Santorini about 3.500 years ago

and created its showpiece caldera, the most characteristics trait of this greek island. The best way to appreciate the views from its vertiginous cliffs is by walking along the rim from Fira to Oia. Or take a catamaran trip (santorinisailing.com) to see the volcano in all its steaming glory. Furthermore you should make a stop for a therapeutic bath in the sulphuric hot springs and then head to a perfect old-fashioned point to watch the sunset.

People have lived in Santorini during 8.000 years, as evidence by ancient towns such as Akrotiri. Once a Minoan settlement, it was decimated by a volcanic eruption in 1650 B.C. preserved under lava until 1967, in a similar way of what happen in Pompei, Italy. Many of its treasures, including pottery pieces and vivid frescos, are displayed at the Museum of Prehistoric Thira in the whitewashed capital of Santorini, Fira.

Santorini by night

The rocky coastline around Oia may not boast sandy beaches, but you can trek of grab a donkey down from the village for a dramatic ocean view, topped and tailed by the blue domes of the buildings above and the sea water below. You can make a relaxing stop at Pebbly Red Beach and With Beach are named for the color of their cliffs, or at Kamari, located in the south west of Santorin, is known for its black sand beach.

Red Beach Santorini


Kamari beach Santorini

And to enjoy Santorini at its best you should know the island best kept hotel secret, which lies inland in the sleepy village of Megalochori. Vadema Hotel Resot is a private paradise which is one of the jet-setters favorite accommodation. Hollywood actors such as Angelina Jolie or international catwalk stars like Heidi Klum stay here when they visit Santorini. It’s a sprawling estate of stylish residences and pretty courtyards surrounded by a working vineyard. Barefoot chic is the order here, as you pad from luxurious suites to the stunning pool, stopping only to enjoy a treatment in the spa.