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Are you a huge fan of Star Wars? How about visiting places where J.J Abrams and George Lucas filmed the movies? In this post, we bring you the information about Star Wars scenarios that can be visited today.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is finally here! If you are a fan of this strange saga, we suggest you read this post and discover places where Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo R2-D2, and C-3PO used to frequent.

While most of the world of Star Wars was created by computer, George Lucas and the other directors sometimes needed to prepare specific scenarios in reality! It is possible that you and many other Star Wars fans didn’t know that most of these places exist and most of them can be visited!

Take a look at this post and discover Star Wars scenarios that can be visited today.

Star Wars scenarios

Naboo (Plaza España of Seville in Spain and Lake Como in Italy).

Naboo Star Wars

Do you remember that awesome scene where Anakin and Padmé arrive at Naboo? In fact, they were in Seville, Spain.  Plaza de España in Seville is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, was built in 1928 for the “Ibero-American Exposition,” the architecture is a marvelous example of “Regionalism” with a mix of Moorish and Renaissance styles.

Due to the beauty of this square, George Lucas chose Seville to set the exterior of the “City of Theed” on the planet Naboo.

Lake Como

Lake Como is located in Lombardy, Italy. Lake Como is a lake with glacial origins, is one of the largest lakes of Italy and also one of the deepest in Europe.

Lake Como was the perfect scenery for the scene of Anakin and Padmé in Episode II when they spent some time together in Varykino.

Tatooine and other scenes (Tunisia)


This country has been used for Star Wars since the beginning of the saga. Djerba is a beautiful island, famous worldwide for being a vacation resort, but for Star Wars fans is more famous for being the location of Toshi Station and Ben’s Hermitage.

Toshi Station is actually the temple of Sidi Jemour, is accessible for curious fans. The little house of Ben Kenobi is the storage for many fishermen.

Tozeur is a place where all Star Wars fans should go once in their lives. In Tozeur, you are going to find “Lars Homestead exterior,” “The Sith Infiltrator landing site,” “The Canyon” and “The Mos Espa.”

A curious fact about Mos Espa: was built specially for the movie, in Tunisia most people haven’t seen the movies, but they understand that for most tourists these locations are a strange attraction, so the government keeps them in a good state.

If you decide to come to Tozeur and visit “Mos Espa” you will see everything: the gates, the Pod-racing arena, Sebulba’s Café, etc.

Medenine is located in the south area of Tunisia; Medenine was used for the exterior shots of the house of Anakin and his mother.

Matmata is the location of Luke Skywalker house, Lars’s house. Something that Star Wars fans must know is that there is a possibility to sleep in Luke’s home!

Luke’s home has become the Hotel Sidi Driss, spend a night at this hotel and have dinner at the same place where the Lars had their meals is priceless… The hotel has a dining menu inspired by the movie and much more.

Hoth- Ice Planet (Hardangerjøkulen, Norway)


Who can forget the epic battle of “Hoth” between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire…? This fantastic battle from the movie “The Empire Strikes Back” took place in Norway, at the massive glacier near Finse.  Winter is the perfect time to visit Norway! You can be a witness of the Northern Lights and also visit the ice planet of Hoth.

Kashyyyk (Phuket, Thailand)


Who could have guessed that the scenes of Kashyyyk, the tree-covered planet home of the Wookiee species on the movie “the Revenge of the Sith,” was actually Phuket in Thailand?

The beautiful and paradisiacal beach of Thailand was also a fantastic set of the film. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this country located in Asia and also take advantage of visit a Star Wars location.

Yavin 4 ( Tikal, Guatemala)


The ancient city of Tikal in Guatemala played a major role in the first movie “A New Hope.” The lush vegetation of the area and also its temples provide the perfect set for the Planet Yavin 4.

The locations for the new movie “The Force Awakens” were a complete mystery until today… most scenes were shot in England (Greenham common), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Iceland (Krafla volcano) and Ireland (Skellig Michael).

Have you ever been to one of the Star Wars scenarios that can be visited today? Comment and tell us what you think about our list!