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Sometimes it is necessary to have a stop from the bustling life and have a great relaxing holiday in a thermal pools destination. Many are thermal parks all around Europe, but here we can recommend you the greatest thermal pools destinations in Europe, in our opinion.

7 best thermal pools destinations in Europe.

Szechenyi furd thermal pools in Budapest, Hungary

thermal pools destinations in Europe: Szechenyi furd
Szechenyi thermal pools Budapest

Almost everyone knows that Budapest is one of the top thermal destinations in Europe. Hundres of thermal pools can be found in the Hungarian capital, but one of the most famouse and visited is Szechenyi furd.  In 1881, this spa area was called simply “Artesian bath” and was one of the first thermal pools of Budapest. The most interesting of Szechenyi furd is the charming neo-baroque style of the building together with the water vapor rising from the pools, which creates a magical atmosphere.

Where is it? Szechenyi furd is located in center of Budapest, in the middle of Varosliget Park. By public transport is easily accessible via the Metro line 1 (yellow line).

Blue Lagoon thermal pools in Suðurnes, Iceland

thermal pools destinations in Europe: blue lagoon iceland
blue lagoon iceland

The name says it all: a great blue lake surrounded by unspoiled nature. Blue Lagoon was voted as the best spa around the world. The water temperature is 37-39 °C, in a great contrast with the outdoor temperature. The lagoon contains the huge amount of six million liters of sea water, enough for everyone.

Where is it? The Blue Lagoon is located just 20 minutes from Keflavik International Airport and 40 minutes’ drive from the center of Reykjavik.

Saturnia thermal pools, Italy

thermal pools destinations in Europe: saturnia thermal pools
saturnia thermal pools

The location of these thermal pools is the hills of Tuscany, the beauty of which in itself helps to relax. Known already from the Middle Age, these hot springs were disputes between the feudal lords. Today they are considered by many as a mystical place, which has its roots in myth. The legend say that the god Saturn, angry with mankind, threw a thunder on the Earth, making gush from the crater of the volcano hot sulphurous water: the thermal baths of Saturnia.

Where is it? Saturnia is located in the heart of the Tuscany. To get there you should fly to Florence or Rome and the drive along the highway A1, A12 or A15, until Grosseto Est and then head to Scansano – Montemerano – Saturnia.

Erding thermal pools, Germany

thermal pools destinations in Europe: Terme Erding

This is not the classic spa where to relax, but it is surely one of the most recommended for family holidays. Erding thermal pools have a wide range of outdoor pools and activities, perfect to entertain the whole family during hours. The kids will love it!

Where is it? Erding thermal pools are located near the airport of Munich in the lovely town of Erding

Thermal baths in Leukerbad Switzerland

Leukerbad thermal hot spings
Leukerbad thermal hot spings

Leukerbad has the biggest spa facilities of Switzerland due to its hot spings which emits more than 4 million liters of water a day. With its 30 pools satisfies every demand by the four public spas that guarantee to all visitors to enjoy the benefits of thermal water.

Very interesting is the new path that leads along the edge of a waterfall until you reach the source, which is located in the Dala gorge. During this trail you will be delighted by the variety of natural landscapes that will fill your heart .

Where is it? Leukerbad is located in Switzerland in the canton of Valais. Drive along A8 motorway or A26 until Simplon and then follow to Leuk- Leukerbad.

Thermal pools of Fontcalda in Gandesa, Spain

Fontcalda Hot Springs, Spain

The pools of Fontcalda are one of the oldest secrets of Catalonia. Tucked between the mountains of Sierra Pàndols and Sierra Cavalls, are the thermal pools of Fontcalda, one of the most visited thermal centers in the mid nineteenth century. The name comes from the warm water hot spring located in the Canaletes River, just where the river narrows from a canyon, you’ll find a series of natural pools that look like carved into the rock with a natural hot sping water.

Where is it?

Gandesa is located about 80 kilometers south from Tarragona. Access to the hot springs is via a winding paved forest road of about 12 km, which is accessible from the C-43 road linking the towns of Gandesa and Benifallet.

Bath Thermal pools, England

Bath, Enland
Bath, Enland

The most famous hot springs in the UK are in the spa town of Bath, in southwest of England. At the time of the Celts the hot springs were sacred and were attributed to the hot springs healing powers. When the Romans conquered Britain in the mid- first century began the construction of its thermal spas.

Today Bath is considered a World Heritage Site. Among the baths that you can visit there several that were unworn and just leave us now see how the baths were then. The modern thermal complex boasts a large infrastructure for the care of the body, relaxation therapy, massage, exercise and even special diets.

Where is it?

Bath is located in the Somerset, just 20 kilometers away from Bristol and easy accessible driving along A4