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Dublin, the beautiful capital of Ireland is famous for its steep prices, not only in the UK but also in Europe. Pints, food, transportation and attractions can take a huge part of your budget and this might affect negatively when choosing Dublin as your next getaway destination. However, not all people know that there are plenty of activities that you can see and do in Dublin and that won’t cost you a penny.

Despite its small size, Dublin hosts a dazzling history, fantastic cultural sites, vibrant atmosphere and free things to do, undoubtedly, the perfect ingredients to choose the capital of the Emerald Island as your next destination.

Are you travelling on a budget? Don’t worry about where to stay in Dublin, the Irish Capital offers plenty of options for accommodation. Dublin awaits you and you have no excuses! Through this post, you will discover 5 fantastic things to do in Dublin for free. Check them out!

5 fantastic things to do in Dublin for free

Irish Museum of Modern Art


First of all, a little of history about this beautiful building: The “Royal Hospital Kilmainham” is home to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. This beautiful XVII century building has a large history…was founded by James Butler in 1684 as a home to retired soldiers and was used for that purpose for over 200 years.

The beautiful, elegant and large façade was based on “Les Invalides” in Paris. The Irish Government restored the building and in May of 1991 the Royal Hospital Kilmainham opened as the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

This museum houses a huge collection of over 3,000 artworks by both Irish and international artists. The collections include artworks of geniuses such as Rembrandt, Goya and Dürer among many others.  Certainly, the Irish Museum of Modern Art is a fantastic place to spend your time without spending your money.

Chester Beatty Library

Chester Beatty Library

This library was established to house the fantastic collection of mining magnate Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. Its original location was in the suburbs of Dublin, but due to its limited facilities for conservation, the Chester Beatty Library was moved in 2000 to the grounds of Dublin Castle.

In 2002 the library was the “European Museum of the Year” and also ranks as one of the best in the world. There are many exhibitions, but one of the most important is the “Arts of the Book” that includes books from the ancient world such as the Egyptian Books of the Dead and the famous Chester Beatty Love Poems C.1160 BC.

The “Sacred Traditions gallery” is other beautiful exhibition that worth to visit, in here you will find a remarkable collection of Qur’an manuscripts. Undoubtedly, this is the most valuable attraction on our selection of 5 fantastic things to do in Dublin for free.

Free concerts


Ireland is famous for its music scene; in fact Ireland gave birth to incredible musicians such as U2, The Corrs, Enya, The Cranberries, Sinéad O’Connor among many others… If you visit Dublin you must attend a gig.

The Temple Bar area is full of places where you can listen free music; if not, you can explore Camden Street and visit Whelan’s Up. Whelan’s Up is a place that offers some free gigs and attracts a large number of coming musicians… who knows, you might be witness how a star is born!

Poolbeg Lighthouse


Other fantastic thing to do in Dublin for free is a visit to Poolbeg Lighthouse. The Great South Wall, on which Poolbeg Lighthouse stands, is located at the Port of Dublin and constitutes one of the longest sea-walls in Europe.

Poolbeg Lighthouse constitutes a lovely stroll of around 1 hour and 45 minutes, perfect for do some exercise, at the time you visit a lovely and undiscovered area of the city. From here you will have breathtaking views to the bay and the coast. Certainly, the best things in life are free.

Supper Club

5 fantastic things to do in Dublin for free

Have you ever heard about a stranger who invites you to free dinner in exchange of a bottle of wine? If not, well this is not a crazy story… Actually, this is a very good opportunity to meet locals and share experiences with fascinating people at the same time you delight your palate with good food prepared, mostly, by locals. The only rule in some areas is BYOB, which is a matter of education.

Undoubtedly if you decide to wander in the capital of the Emerald Island for sure you will find more options. You don’t have to give up on fantastic places like these for lack of money… Discover now Ireland and take advantage of these 5 fantastic things to do in Dublin for free.

Have you ever been to Dublin? Do you know other free things to do in Dublin? Tell us what you think about our selection.