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In recent years, the great white north has become one of the most demanded destinations in the world, not only thanks to its idyllic natural landscapes but also for its bustling cities like Toronto. Toronto is sometimes compared to New York, due to its greatness, but more beautiful thanks to its cleanness.  Most of its inhabitants come from many different parts of the world, reason why this bustling city boasts a delightful and harmonic cultural mixture. On its clean streets, you will listen English as the main mean of communication however it’s very typical to listen to some French and recently some Spanish.

One of the things that attract the attention is the kindness of its inhabitants. Fearless, we can say that Canadians have mixed to perfection the strong features of the French and British culture forgetting their weaknesses. Are you ready to discover which the top 10 things to do in Toronto are? If so, take a look at our proposals.

Things to do in Toronto

CN Tower

Things to do in Toronto: Top attractions to discover.

Firstly, we suggest you visit one of the landmarks of Canada. CN Tower is one of the tallest communication towers in the world. It has 2 stops for visiting. One is when the elevator reaches 340 meters high. On this first stop highlights the crystal floor and the famous restaurant “The 360”. The second stop is at the Sky Pod, at 447 meters high. If you want to visit the tower, the prices range from 22$ CAD to 27$ CAD. Please note, that if it’s a cloudy day, we suggest you skipping this attraction as you won’t enjoy it.

Casa Loma

This beautiful castle served as the residence of Sir Henry Pellat, a business man that helps a lot on the developed of the city at end of the XIX century. Casa Loma keeps in perfect shape all the residence areas of Lady Pellat and Sir Henry Pellat. Highlights, the exterior of the residence with more than 50,000 square meters of courtyards that include a maze and a tunnel to the stables. This beautiful residence is always on any list of the top things to do in Toronto, thanks to its majestic beauty.

The Old City Hall

The city hall features an idyllic location in the central area of Toronto. This beautiful construction boasts a fabulous Romanesque style, with remarkable details like gargoyles and a beautiful clock tower that soars 103 meters high. On its southern side starts the financial area and the breathtaking skyscrapers and in the eastern area, you will find the famous and enormous Eaton Centre. Eaton Centre is famous for its vast array of stores, from which stands Apple Store and Abercombie&Fitch.

Distillery Historic District

Amongst the large number of things to do in Toronto stands this beautiful neighbourhood. This charming district is famous for being a fabulous venue full of shops and cultural attractions. Furthermore, the district has numerous restaurants and cafes perfect for a nice break. Distillery District is dream come true of a small group of visionaries, who decided to transform a Victorian industrial area to a lively district.  It’s widely known for being a place brimming with creativity that can inspire visitors and local to make their dreams come true.

Things to do in Toronto: Nearby areas

Niagara Falls

Toronto features a fabulous location very close to top attractions like the Niagara Falls. The tour to the falls is picturesque, full of impressive natural landscapes, vineyards and charming villages.  A visit to the Niagara Falls allows you to experiment unique sensations.  Niagara offers a vast array of outdoor and indoor activities. The most famous activity is, undoubtedly, the Maid of the Mist, a tour of the inner area of the falls. However, if you want to explore Niagara Falls in style you can consider booking a Helicopter tour.  Other attractions worth to mention are the Niagara Sky Wheel and the IMAX movie experiences. Certainly, a visit to the Niagara Falls most be included on any top of things to do in Toronto.

The Great Lakes

Furthermore, in the northeastern area of Toronto, you will find a famous region called the Great Lakes. This visit is spectacular and it’s worthy to spend your holidays travelling across the idyllic landscapes amongst the Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Huron Lake. Nevertheless, at only 100 kilometres from the city centre, you will find Simcoe Lake. Simcoe Lake is a splendid and unknown area that boasts a spectacular beauty.

Lake Ontario and San Lorenzo River

On the other hand, on the eastern area and following Lake Ontario, a halfway between Toronto and Montreal, you will find the beginning of San Lorenzo River. This is an idyllic place that deserves a visit. It’s typical to sail it aboard a ship that takes you to some villages of the area. This tour is known as the 1000 islands cruise. This cruise finishes in the Castle of Boldt. Definitely, we couldn’t fail to include on these top things to do in Toronto, San Lorenzo River and the Castle of Boldt.

As you can see Toronto is a versatile city that offers a vast array of outdoor activities and attractions. Furthermore, Toronto is home to fabulous natural areas that everyone should visit. Toronto might not be one of that most wanted tourist destination but certainly worth the effort of visiting. If we add the nearby natural attractions to the large list of things to do in Toronto you get as a result a unique destination to discover. Also, the kindness of its inhabitants makes you feel welcome from the moment you step out from the plane. Are you ready for your next holidays in Toronto? If so, don’t miss this top of Things to do in Toronto.