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Halloween involves pumpkins, mummies, ghosts, cemeteries, witches but over all… Fun. Halloween is just around the corner… don’t miss the chance to spend a thrilling experience at any of the places that we suggest you through this post!

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31this celebration has its origins in the Celtic festival known as “Samhain”, this festival was the Gaelic celebration of the end of the harvest season.

Jack-o'-lanterns facing each other

The most typical activities of this days include “trick or treating”, costume parties, carnivals, parades but the most popular activity is… visiting “haunted places” .

On this post you will read the top 9 destinations to celebrate Halloween where you can be witness of the fantastic and thrilling experience of this Gaelic celebration.

Halloween is coming and if you love to travel abroad and Halloween this post is for you! Read more about the best places to celebrate this eccentric holiday.

Top 9 destinations to celebrate Halloween

Ireland (Derry)


What better place to celebrate Halloween than the place where this tradition has their origins? The best city to celebrate Halloween is Derry; this city dedicates 9 days to Halloween!

Discover the creepiest places of Derry through “The ghost walks”! Or take part to the biggest parade of Ireland!

England (London)

Tower of London

London has a sinister and bloody history and during Halloween those memories come alive. In London there are many activities for Halloween that range from the Wandsworth Common Halloween Beer Festival to a creepy and fun night in a Gothic revival Chapel!

Other option is to take “The Tower of London” tour at night! The tour last 45 minutes and has a reduced rate of 16 pounds; the tour is fantastic and worth every penny you spend on it.

Rumania (Transylvania)

Bran Castle

Would you like to discover if the myth, the intrigue and Dracula’s story is true?  You can’t miss the chance to spend your Halloween at the Bran Castle.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a good vampire history… and Bran Castle tells the most fantastic vampire history of all times! Bran Castle offers a special Halloween tour at night; don’t miss the opportunity to spend Halloween in a Medieval Castle in Transylvania.

France (Paris)

Père Lachaise

Paris is not only the city of love, the city of the light it is also a creepy place perfect for Halloween! Like Vampires, Mummies and Michael Myers, the Cemeteries have always been an important part of Halloween and in Paris there is one considered the creepiest… Père Lachaise cemetery.

Père Lachaise also known as “The city of the dead”, this cemetery has a lugubrious beauty almost poetic, and during the day is a very typical place to visit; but when night comes Père Lachaise will wrap you in its mournful atmosphere; don’t forget to grab your map or you could get lost in the cemetery by night.

 United States of America (Salem)



On this post we have talked about vampires, ghosts, cemeteries, now is the turn to witches! Salem is considered one of the most popular destinations for October 31, because of its past full of witches, witchcrafts and haunting.

During the past few years witches have become a very important part of Halloween tradition, and there is no better place to learn more about them than in Salem, where even nowadays, there is a large population of witches in the city.

The most important celebration is the Festival of the Dead.  Be part of the celebration and join the witches of Salem at “The witches Halloween Ball”. The event includes rituals, live music, typical food and psychic readings. Salem is without any doubt one of the top 9 destinations to celebrate Halloween.

United States of America (New York)


New York Halloween Parade

The city that never sleeps couldn’t be out of this post… New York City held the biggest Halloween Parade around the world.

New York’s parade takes place each year since 1974 at Greenwich Village; Halloween Village Parade is a magnificent event that draws more than a million of people.

The participants  has to come with costumes in order to take part of the parade. If you don’t have disguise don’t worry you can be a spectator.

United States of America (Colorado)

If you are fan of the master piece of Kubrick you have the opportunity to spend a creepy Halloween at the Estes Park Stanley Hotel…

The famous hotel that inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining” is one of the most known haunted places not just in America also throughout the world.

If you are not afraid of all those ghost stories you can take “The Night Ghost tour” of the Stanley Hotel.

Mexico (Oaxaca)


Halloween is one of the most important celebration of Mexico; in this country this celebration is known as “Dia de los Muertos” and is when families honor the memory of all their ancestors that have gone to the other life…

According to Mexican belief the souls of their ancestors return once a year to visit their families.

This practice began many years before the arrival of the Spaniards to this new land.  In Oaxaca the celebration begins in October 31, and finish on November 2; the villages of Oaxaca celebrates with processions and parades, and the Mexican families make “ofrendas” on gravesites. The typical “ofrendas” are: bread, chocolate, beer and of course Tequila.

During the parades everyone is wearing skeleton masks; in Mexico the skeleton has not a macabre signification in fact the skeleton represents the dead joyfully imitating the living.

Hong Kong

Halloween Hong Kong

Hong Kong has two traditions regarding to Halloween; one is the typical Halloween party like in any western country: parties, costumes and parades.

The second one is what they call “Yue Lan” which means the Festival of the hungry Ghosts; this is more like a ritual and is the opportunity to give gifts to the souls of the dead, to guaranty their comfort and peace.

Do you know any other fantastic place to spend Halloween? Tell us… How do you celebrate Halloween at your hometown?