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Have you ever wondered which the best way to travel is? If so, you probably think that is by plane, as it’s sometimes cheaper and for long distance travels we all agree that is faster. However, the plane has a very strong opponent, an opponent that not only reaches vertiginous speeds but also offers the opportunity to travel from the city centre of a city to the very heart of another. Already know which mean of transportation is that? Yes! We are talking about the train.

Travel by train is undoubtedly a lovely, fun and interesting way to do it as you can enjoy the stunning views aboard of it. Depending on the route you are crossing you can look through the window and admire beautiful snow-covered peaks, the Sea or beautiful green meadows. If you want to explore a country with beautiful cities, top attractions and a wide and good railway network, we suggest you spend your next holidays in Spain.

Travel by train: The best alternative.

Is it your first time in Spain? If so, we encourage you to visit 2 of its most important cities, the capital, Madrid, and the lively city of Barcelona. Two destinations highly recommended by anyone who calls themselves travellers, two beautiful cities that captive from the first sight. And what better way to discover them than enjoy a ride aboard a train from Madrid to Barcelona or Barcelona Madrid.

Once you have decided to take the train from Madrid to Barcelona or the train from Barcelona to Madrid, you need to figure out where to get those tickets. If you want to avoid weird connections or bad schedules, you will need the help of the experts in trains: Rail.Ninja. By booking your tickets in Ninja Rail you will save lots of time, as they will do the research for you. The site is bright, you simply indicate the route you are looking for, select the dates you are looking for, introduce booking details and payment details and click on “Pay now” and you have your tickets for your next adventure in Spain. Also, if you need to contact them you can reach them either by phone or sending an email.

Reasons to travel by train

Travel by train is always the best alternative especially if you are going to do a short trip, you will appreciate the punctuality of the service. High-Speed trains depart and arrive always on time. Also, when you travel by train you avoid those long queues at the airport, as well of course all those controls, baggage check and the wait at the boarding gate. And if all that were not enough, once the flights arrive at your destination, if you have checked baggage you must wait at the airport until you can get your luggage.

Again, another issue you will avoid travelling by train is the bad location of airports. Train Stations are in the very heart of the cities, you can easily reach your hotel and the touristic areas of Madrid and Barcelona. Furthermore, you will save a lot on transportation. Have you ever noticed that the bus tickets from the airport to the city are utterly expensive? Yes, those tickets can cost you around 5-15 Euros each ride. If you travel by train you will arrive at main stations and can get a card with 10 rides for an affordable price.

Travel by train: Madrid-Barcelona.

If your departing point is Madrid, your train departs from the mythic Atocha Train Station. Atocha is a large, bright and well-organized station, which is important if you have no experience in Spanish railway system. Once the train departs you can enjoy a smooth and fast ride to Barcelona. The countryside between these two world-class cities is certainly a fabulous spectacle.

Aboard the train, you will rapidly see that the experience is much more comfortable than travelling by plane. The seats of the AVE are bigger and you have way more spacious for your legs. As is that weren’t enough, if you want to relax and enjoy the ride you can always book your seat in “The quiet car”, where you can enjoy the silence while admiring the beautiful countryside of Spain.

Travel By train: Barcelona-Madrid.

On the other hand, if are travelling from Barcelona to Madrid, your train departs from Sants Station. Barcelona Sants is the main station in Barcelona. The station is in the neighbourhood of Sants, well-communicated by underground with the main areas of the city. Barcelona Sants is a modern station with numerous shopping opportunities as well as numerous dining options. Possibly, the best time to do this route is in spring, when you can see the mountains covered in snow and the flowers blooming, as well as of course the green countryside. Undoubtedly, the AVE train Barcelona Madrid is a beautiful route that has so much to offer to any type of traveller.