types resraurants barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most interesting tourist centers in Spain. Although it is necessary to recognize that any point of the peninsula is worth to visit it and to enjoy it.

However, today we are going to talk about the city of Barcelona and what types of restaurants you can find in it.

From the Asian restaurants, to the most traditional and Spanish in the country, and American food, are some of the examples.So if you are interested then just follow this post and you will be surprised.

Let’s start!

Asian food

Japanese, Thai, Lebanese or Indian restaurants are the most fashionable, and Barcelona has a large number of them so you can choose from its wide range.

All come from the same continental zone, but between them, they do not resemble anything, except that they are a trend in the Catalan city, and especially in those who visit it.

But no wonder, since these diets are delicious, and why not taste them on your vacation.

Spanish Food

Visiting a Spanish city and not eating the local food itself, or enjoying the traditions, can be considered a sin.

Take a tablao, where you can enjoy a flamenco show in Barcelona, or taste a good plate of Iberian ham, Manchego cheese and a glass of red wine, or finito, just as at the April fair was.

However, not everything focuses on these types of restaurants, but you will find Mediterranean restaurants, with delicious recipes that more than one captivate and fall in love with the quality of their products and natural dressings.

Or, you can learn Spanish culture and hot blood.

American Food

And why not talk about American food. This type of gastronomy is very introduced in many countries, especially the most developed ones.

In any corner you can find a restaurant, fast food or not, that offers you the most traditional of that great country across the pond.

BBQ ribs and BBQ sauce, maxi burgers or infusions and multi-flavored soft drinks, are some of the examples you can find in Barcelona without being expressly in the USA.

Other types of restaurant

But not all is limited to this type of gastronomy, as a good cosmopolitan city, tourists who visit it, can find restaurants of South American food and taste a good fish ceviche, or burritos and nachos in the purest Mexican style.

But European areas do not escape the charms of the beautiful Barcelona, and Greek or Italian restaurants are other samples to be able to eat in the city.