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“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone, we find it with another” Thomas Merton.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! How many times we have listened on the radio romantic songs and we have never understood the meaning until we are in love? For many centuries artists have sung to this special feeling… “All you need is love” because you never feel more alive than when you are in love…

Valentine’s day… a day to show the world how much we love our significant other, is a day to shout out loud how much we love our partner… and what better way to express all your feelings to your beloved than a romantic getaway and discover together the fantastic world where we live.

It is true we should be romantic and express our feelings each day, but we are too busy… And Valentine’s Day exists to remind you why is better to make love and not war. On this post we propose you 5 romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day in the UK; take a look to these destinations and surprise your beloved with a getaway!

Romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day in the UK

Declare your love in the Lake District

Lake district

Ranked as number one destination for a romantic getaway in Britain, The Lake District offers the most fantastic scenery with the greenest countryside in the UK, perfect to set the mood for romance.

The lakes district offers fantastic activities to enjoy with your significant other like hire a rowing boat and be witness of the stunning scenery from the water or enjoying a romantic meal at the “Holbeck Ghyll” a recognized restaurant and considered one of the best in the North.

To take a break of stunning views, you can relax at any of the many spas located in the Lake District and revive the flame of love between you and your partner.

Love is in the air in Oxford

Oxford-Romantic destinations for Valentine's day in the UK

“The city of dreaming spires” is one of the most romantic cities of the United Kingdom. Oxford combines to the perfection the ancient architecture with the fresh air of its students, these and much more reasons will make you fall in love with Oxford.

Cobbled and narrow streets with the typical English rain, makes Oxford one of the most romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day in the UK.

A perfect activity for couples is without any doubt the classic walk to Port Meadow; enjoy walking hand in hand along the banks of the Thames River. What can be more romantic than a lovely stroll admiring the sunset over the fields of Oxford?

That scene is absolutely fantastic! Be sure to share the experience with your significant other.

Fall in love with London

London-Romantic destinations

Ah! London calling… London is a destination to discover when you are in a couple. Get on board of the love train and surprise your beloved with a romantic getaway in the UK.

London never disappoint anyone, is a safe bet! Enjoy the beautiful and numerous parks, stroll around its beautiful neighbors like “Notting Hill” or How about? A boat ride!

If you want to disconnect from the bustle and hustle of Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street why not visit the most charming spot in London… Little Venice! Little Venice is a beautiful oasis in London, fantastic spot to stroll or just relax and admire the sunset over the canals.

Stroll hand in hand in Edinburgh

Edinburgh-Romantic destination

Mysterious and extraordinary are the adjectives that describe the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh is simply irresistible!

Full of fantastic attractions like Scott Monument, built in honor of Sir Walter Scott, or perfect locations to stroll hand in hand with your significant other like the Royal Mile. Without any doubt Edinburg is a fabulous city perfect for a romantic getaway in the UK.

Visit the castle of Edinburgh and feel like a princess for a moment! The castle is fantastic and provides impressive views over the city…What can be more romantic than admire the sunset over Edinburgh at the castle walls?

Admire the sunset in Brighton


If you are looking for a charming destination for Valentine’s Day you have to choose the magnificent city of Brighton. Voted as one of the most romantic places in the UK, Brighton is an idyllic location to revive the flame of love.

You don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money in order to plan something surprisingly romantic, like a walk along the seafront and share a bottle of wine at the Brighton Marina overlooking the yachts and waiting to admire together the sunset over the English Channel… the feeling of being together and share this romantic experience is priceless.

These are our 5 Romantic destinations to spend Valentine’s Day in the UK this 2016… Surprise your beloved at any of these fantastic and romantic destinations… Tell us what you think about our selection.