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Would you like to discover the iconic Washington DC attractions? Then keep reading this post because we will tell you which are: the most iconic attractions of Washington DC.

Washington “District of Columbia” is the capital of the United States of America, this “district” was created by the union of donated land from Maryland and Virginia, was founded in 1791 to serve as the Capital.

washington dc attractions

If you want to visit this country but you haven’t decided where to go, we recommend you to visit Washington DC.

Not just because Washington is the capital of the United States Of America but also because is a cheap destination, all the landmarks and museums are “free entrance” and you can find really good deals for accommodation, if you have a low budget you can considered to visit this vibrant city.

This city count with the most fabulous and iconic landmarks of the country, the white house, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and of course at this city you will find the “Smithsonian Institution”… it is quiet hard to decide the best places to visit, but in this post we will show you some of the most important and iconic Washington DC attractions.

Washington DC attractions: Monuments and Landmarks

We suggest you that the first attraction you visit is the White house, the official residence of the President of the United States. This house has been the president residence since 1800. The white house has been scenery of many movies and TV series, and is one of the most famous landmarks from the country.

the white house

Once we have visited the main residence of the American President, we have to visit the most visited attraction of Washington DC, which is The Capitol. With a neoclassical style this building is the seat of the United States Congress. Something really impressive is that you can visit the interior of the building, just book in advance your free tickets, so you can see the exhibitions of the “Capitol Rotunda”.


Another iconic attraction is the Washington Monument, the famous obelisk located on the National Mall; it was built to commemorate George Washington, this monument worth the visit. At this obelisk the main attraction is that you can take the lift up to the top of the monument and enjoy the 360º stunning views of Washington DC.

national mall washintgon

Enjoy a lovely walk by the Independence Avenue, and just across from the Washington Monument you will find the famous Lincoln Memorial, with an impressive Monument of Lincoln this has been an emblematic landmark of Washington DC since the year of construction.

lincoln memorial

This monument is very important in American history not just because it’s a Monument of one of the most beloved president of America, also because this was the place from where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous speech… “I have a dream”, the day of the historic march for African-American Rights.

Also this monument has been scenery of many films such as “Forrest Gump”, “Nixon”, and “Independence day”, just to name some of them.

memorial washington

After visiting all this amazing landmarks why not visit the biggest museum around the world “The Smithsonian institute” it is impossible to visit Washington DC, and not visit this museum! It’s one of the top attractions in Washington DC!

Due to the size of this museum and also the amount of fascinated exhibitions, if you are visiting Washington dc for few days we recommend you to visit the museum you like the most, in our opinion the best option is the “Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum”, why? Because there are other museums around the world that offers you art, jewels and natural history, but there are very few “free entrance” museums where you can see all the items you can see at this one.

smithsonian museum

Starting with the Exhibition of the “Apollo to the moon”, you can see original items from the Apollo, like the Skylab 4 command module, the original Skylab that went to space and come back to Earth! Or the original Lunar Roving Vehicle!

Also another fascinating exhibition is “The Early flight”, you can find the world’s first military airplane, the 1909 “Wright Military Flyer”.

If you stay more time feel free to read more information about the Smithsonian Institute, and visit the exhibitions you like the most.

Georgetown Neighborhood

Besides all this “must-visit” attractions of Washington DC, after long days visiting museums and important landmarks, we suggest you a stop at the lovely neighborhood of Georgetown. At this neighborhood you can spend a day walking around and discover the little shops around, or why not? Have a good beer! One important attraction to visit is the house where the world-famous movie “The exorcist” was filmed.

Georgetown. Washington DC attraction

National Harbor

If you are tired of visiting monuments and museums, and you want to spend a nice day of shopping and away of the bustle and hustle of this fascinating city, you can come and enjoy a nice shopping day at National Harbor! At this shopping centre you will find more than 100 shops and boutiques! And more than 20 restaurants! This shopping center is located by the Potomac River, and we assure you that you can see the most stunning sunsets from this place.

National Harbor at night

Come and Visit the iconic Washington DC attractions! And discover more fantastic places!