Halong is one of the seven natural wonders of the world recognised by UNESCO which is not only the pride of Quang Ninh people in particular and the tourism industry in general. Therefore, there are a lot of tourists visiting Halong Bay each year. Furthermore, when visiting Halong Bay, tourists will have a chance to enjoy other interesting places such as Co To Island, Tuan Chau Island and etc. If you want to have a wonderful trip in Halong, the post will introduce the best place for travelling around the amazing destination.

1 Bai Chay

When visiting Halong, you should not forget to enjoy Bai Chay where you find wonderful beaches. Bai Chay is a diamond island with a length of 6 km, is a large and beautiful artificial beach located near the coast of Halong Bay with sandy beach more than 500 meters long, 100 meters wide. Bai Chay Tourist Resort is becoming the most beautiful tourist destination in Halong City with beaches interspersed with diverse architectural villas, water puppet shows, traditional music and play on the sea exciting. Moreover, thanks to its location close to Halong Bay, the hotel is well-equipped with many restaurants, lively bars and restaurants and 24-hour entertainment centres. Bai Chay tourism with fresh climate, the pure blue sea is very suitable for tourism and relaxation.

2 Co To Island

Co To is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf of Tonkin and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Ha Long Bay. With pristine beauty, fabulous and With an area of 47.3km2 Co To island is famous for more than 50 islands, rocks, and small beaches clean green, the idyllic natural scenery is ideal for swimming and summer resort. Island, tourists can not miss out Ben Van Chay with gentle beach, shallow water and wild and charming landscapes. Moreover, Co To island also has two very clean beaches and suitable for picnics or the Red Sea with the quietest and clean beaches in Co To. What is special about Co To is seeing the morning sunrise on Co To Island and enjoying the specialities here is an extremely enjoyable experience when travelling to Co To Island.

3 Tuan Chau Island

About 2km from Halong City is Tuan Chau Island tourist resort with an area of 220ha which is the only island and shale island in the island of the region. With fine white sand stretching along the clear blue waters surrounding the green pine trees, the cool climate of Tuan Chau Island deserves the ideal resort. Besides that, Tuan Chau Island has lists of unique and special restaurants with amazing dishes. Furthermore, when visiting there, tourists will have a chance to join beach sports, water music, and many other services in Tuan Chau Island. Moreover, the island has become Ngoc Chau island of Halong.

4 Yen Tu mountain

When enjoying Halong Bay tours, Yen Tu Mountain is considered as the “must-see” destination. Yen Tu Mountain located in Uong Bi city. Yen Tu still preserves many historic sites and was dubbed the “land of Buddhism in Vietnam”. According to the length of the road to the top of the Dong Pagoda about 6000m if walking about 6 hours, now has the cable system on the travel is also easier. Besides wonderful destinations, tourists also enjoy amazing activities such as cruise tour or visiting floating fishing village. Furthermore, if you do not travel experiences before, you can book Halong Bay Tours for travelling.