accommodation rental in Lyon

Accommodation Rental in Lyon, the best option to explore de city

If you are planning to visit Lyon, the third largest city in France after Paris and Marseille, one the best options to explore comfortably the town as if you were a local is to book a furnished accommodation rental in Lyon. By staying in an apartment, you will totally have freedom to move as you wish, with no limitation on breakfast hours or a reception with a limited schedule which will allow you to explore the city by night also.

Advantages to stay at a furnished accommodation in Lyon

What if you want to have a late breakfast after a night out? When staying at a self catering accommodation in Lyon you can prepare your lunch in the complete kitchen with your preferences. Maybe with that incredible lyonese cheese you bought yesterday, and you want to taste as earlier as possible. If you would have been staying at a regular hotel in Lyon, you would not have that chance!

Though Lyon is the so called the “gastronomy capital of the world”, thanks to Curnonsky, a famous culinary critic, and you may wish to taste the best restaurants, a must when visiting Lyon. We recommend you try a “bouchon” a kind of restaurant typical in this city which offer traditional dishes in a cozy atmosphere. But, when it comes to try that bottle of wine that called your attention on the Saint-Antoine Market, no doubt the best place to do it is at your comfy apartment in Lyon with the music you prefer or the film you decide. Because the best advantage to book a self catering accommodation in Lyon is that your stay will be exactly as you wish it to be.

Not to mention the always disturbing noises you cannot escape from when staying at a hotel. You will always have a noisy person by the neighbor room, you cannot tell that’s not true. Forget about that in your apartment. One of the other best things of a self catering accommodation is the comfort and the quality of your rest.

self catering accommodation rental in lyon

Stay at the heart of Lyon at affordable prices

We all know that staying at the historical area of the city use to be more expensive as the quality of the hotels, fortunate to be on this area, is luxury. This is not affordable to everyone, but if you look for an apartment it is different. This is the case we propose, a furnished accommodation rental in Lyon is guarantee of both affordable prices and an unbeatable location near the main highlights of the city such as Hotel de Ville, Croix Rousse, Bellecour, Confluence or Vieux Lyon, among others.

Do not forget that Lyon is a large city, so you may want to stay at a center location in order to be able to arrive quickly and comfortably to many places in Lyon.

We wish this post is useful for you to decide that to book a self catering accommodation in Lyon is the best practice to feel a Lyonese for some days and see the city with local eyes. If you are interested in France, maybe this post about Monuments in France suits you.