If you are a lover of the Mediterranean beaches and would like to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and luxury, without any doubt, the perfect place for your next holidays is the famous “French Riviera” in the south of France. Commonly associated with royalty and celebrities, the French Riviera is one of the richest areas of the country after Paris. The picturesque Riviera stretches from Marseille to Monaco.

Along the way, you will encounter numerous villages known for their charm and beauty, such as Nice or Cannes. The French Riviera is usually busy, on many occasions by celebrities, business tycoons, actors and supermodels. Among other things, each year many celebrities gather to celebrate the famous Cannes Film Festival, which has helped to make it, even more, a tourist attraction.

Thanks to this recognition, the French Riviera is experiencing a surge of tourists from around the world. Perhaps it is the natural beauty without equal, or perhaps the concentration of celebrities, this region of southern France is living for over a decade a revival. The French Riviera is synonymous with the sun, palm trees, calenques and beaches. Beaches that have nothing to envy to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea takes a resplendent colour at this area, with blue highlights and turquoise water. Is it why The French Riviera is the playground of the European Jet-set and Hollywood? Are you ready to take a look at our fantastic list of the best beaches of the French Riviera? Check it out!

Where to swim this summer on the French Riviera

1. Calanques d’En-Vau

The 7 best beaches of the French Riviera

The beach at Cala d’ En- Vau is located in the town of Cassis, a few kilometres from Marseille to the east. This sandy beach is at the bottom of a deep cove, surrounded by magnificent cliffs. To access it, you can only do by boat or by foot, although the route by foot can last up to 1 hour. Enjoy the spectacular crystal clear and turquoise waters: you can give yourself a relaxing bath or climb the rocky cliffs!

2. Plage des Anglais.

Plage des Anglais

Plage des Anglais is one of the hidden treasures of the French Riviera, and is in Agay, in the municipality of Saint- Raphael. Plage des Anglais is also known as Les Calanques des Anglais. The main characteristic of this beach is that is made up of red stones, the waves may become more pronounced than other beaches on the French Riviera, therefore, many swimmers come here every summer for diving. Certainly, a beach that always ranks at the top of any list of the best beaches of the French Riviera.

3. Plage de l’ Estagnol

Plage de l’ Estagnol

Plage de l’ Estagnol is located in the village of Bormes-les-Mimosas and called the Provencal Tahiti. This nickname comes from the fact that this beach has a turquoise lagoon and remembers French Polynesia. You can bring the kids here because, although this beach keeps a virgin and wild environment, it is a private beach with all the amenities for families.

4. Plage des Cigales

Plage des Cigales belongs to the municipality of Port Grimaud, a few steps from Sainte -Maxime. This beautiful sandy beach is completely surrounded by pine trees. You can rent chairs and umbrellas on the private part of the beach.

In this beach of the French Riviera, the turquoise water is particularly clear, that is the main reason to have so many visitors. Please note that in high season is difficult to find a place to park.

5. Beach Mala in Cap d’ Ail

Beach Mala is characterized by being surrounded by beautiful cliffs, reason why it is considered one of the wonders of the French Riviera. Completely isolated, bathers can enjoy the crystal clear waters of this beach where you can practice diving in the Seagrass beds. Undoubtedly, a beach that cannot be missed on any list of the best beaches of the French Riviera.

6. Blue Gulf Beach Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Blue beach Gulf

Blue beach Gulf or simply “Cabbé” is a privileged place, far from the big cities of the French Riviera. Located between Monaco and Cap- Martin, this place is big enough to accommodate the number of swimmers who come to it.

“Cabbé” is easily accessible by train, thanks to its proximity to the train station of Roquebrune. This beach offers beautiful views and crystal clear turquoise waters. For those wishing to bring their dogs, there is an area at the west end of the beach reserved for them.

7. Garoupe in Antibes

This small sandy beach is located in a hollow of Cap d’ Antibes, and is one of the nooks of the French Riviera that worth a visit. Garoupe have crystal clear waters, stunning landscapes and wild vegetation … this beach have everything to satisfy the visitors. Even parking your car is easy thanks to large free parking, located just a few meters from the beach. For further information regarding the best beaches of the French Riviera click here.

What do you think about these recommendations about the best beaches of the French Riviera for you to enjoy a nice swim this summer? Leave a comment!

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