Lovers of this brew certainly will be happy to know that in Slovenia, specifically in the town of Zalec, the first fountain of beer has just been inaugurated. Here you can serve yourself a blonde or an amber instead of water.

Zalec is a small village in Slovenia specialized in the production of hops, so the symbol of the town is this basic ingredient of beer. A lovely place, but certainly not the main destination of the tourist routes of Slovenia. For this reason the city council of this small city wanted to endow the town with an attraction that could be a claim to attract more tourists. This claim has been the creation of the first fountain of beer in the world. Not so bad as a claim, do you agree?

The idea came from a group of local entrepreneurs who decided to invest in the fountain the 170 thousand euros necessary for its realization: an important investment destined to generate more income for the municipal coffers through tourism.

According to the mayor of Zalec, Janko Kos, the “initiative is not meant to be an invitation to get drunk with liters and liters of beer, but a stimulus for the public to discover the traditions of the country.”

How Zalec Beer Fountain Works

At the price of 6 euros you can buy a jug equipped with microchip that can be filled up to a maximum of 5 times with 100 ml of beer in one of the 5 distributors that make up the fountain of beer of Zalec.

You can repeat every time you want but you should consider the philosophy that the mayor intends to give the project: it is not an invitation to get drunk but a way to know better Slovenian traditions. So in every cheer think about Slovenia!

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The Benefits of Beer

Drinking sometimes a glass of beer, ie a moderate consumption of this drink, can bring some benefits to our health and several studies have shown that beer can even reduce the risk of heart attack by 30% and increase the good cholesterol.

Positive effects have also been demonstrated in the digestion process, in circulation, in the prevention of diabetes and osteoporosis. Finally, maybe not everyone knows, but beer contains vitamins, especially vitamin B6 and B9.

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