The Best Airport Lounges in the World: Top 5 Airport Lounges

Losing a flight on an international connection is no longer a bad thing, now the wait will be a real experience that we wish to prolong to the maximum. The VIP rooms of the international airports of the best airlines compete for services and experiences at the level of luxury hotels. It is already part of the past that a VIP room is a small room with Wi-Fi, a snack and press to please the waiting of the traveller.

Currently, if we are unfortunate to have a delayed flight and we have access to some of the best VIP rooms of intentional airports, we can enjoy massages and beauty treatments in spas that are in the lists of the best in the world. Or how about enjoy a delicious meal designed by an internationally renowned chef.

Also, if you prefer a quiet wait in a private room with own amenities of an apartment on Fifth Avenue, some airports feature private rooms. The decoration of the rooms is fabulous with Swarovski crystals, artworks, and luxurious but cosy environments with noble wood or designs with the latest trends. All this together with the latest technology to make us feel better than in our home. Certainly an experience hard to beat. To benefits of the VIP rooms, you don’t need to pay the crazy amounts they want to charge, if you have some credit cards such as the Citi AAdvantage or Delta Amex, you can visit one of these rooms with any problem.

Anyway,  Airport Lounges are no longer simply places to waste time; now these areas are a fabulous experience when travelling, almost destinations itself. Take a look at our selection of the best airport lounges in the world.

The best airport lounges in the world

Top class Clubhouse, London Heathrow – Virgin Atlantic

Location: London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3

Top class Clubhouse, London Heathrow - Virgin Atlantic

The Airport Lounge of Virgin is one of the best in the world. The Heathrow Clubhouse stands not only because of its delicious food and relaxed atmosphere but also to its top facilities and the best services. This lounge features a pool table, video consoles, a cinema and much more. For those travelling for business, the lounge comes with work areas and Wi-Fi. Also at the Heathrow Clubhouse, you have the chance to enjoy delicious cocktails or even get a new haircut at the beauty salon. Does anyone need anything else?

The Pier, Hong Kong – Cathay Pacific

Location: Hong Kong Airport, Gates 62 – 66, NW Concourse

This is one of the two salons that Cathay Pacific offers to its Premium class. The Pier offers rooms with ergonomic armchairs perfect for rest, LCD screens with programming adaptable to the requirements of the travellers, even a team of waiters attentive to satisfy the demands.  Also, the pier includes a notification service so you won’t miss your flight. Furthermore, this Airport Lounge has an internet connection, showers, different areas with restaurants and bars.

Emirates Room, NYC / JFK – Emirates Airlines

Location: New York Airport – JFK, Terminal 4

After enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the big apple, you can unwind in the exclusive lounges of Emirate lounges. Make yourself comfortable and relax … sofas and leather chairs on all sides, television area, a business centre where you can use electronic items. Certainly, Emirates Airport Lounge offers a world of luxury to First Class and Business travellers Class.

First Class Room, Frankfurt – Lufthansa

Location: Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1

The First Class-room has more than 12,000 square meters, smoking area, bar with 80 different types of whisky, private work areas, luxury rest areas, bathrooms and showers among many others. The dining room is open from 05:30 am until 11:30 pm. Also, the “First class-room” is connected with the tracks so you can arrive in a Mercedes or a Porsche to the plane isn’t great?

L’Espace Premiere Room, Paris – Air France

Location: Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 2E

As soon as the door of the aircraft opens, lovely agents from Air France come in and take you to the first class airport lounge while waiting for your next connecting flight. L’Espace features a red carpet and fluffy leather armchairs waiting for you. In addition to this, you will also find the usual work areas, wireless connections, relaxation areas with reclining chairs, showers, massages, catering services, wines, champagne, and much more.

So, tell us what do you think about our selection with the Best Airport Lounges in the world? Comment!



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