Barcelona the capital of Catalonia… “Barcelona is like a jewel in the sun, Barcelona… such a beautiful horizon, the moment that Barcelona stepped into my life, took my breath away”… Freddie Mercury couldn’t describe better the feelings that Barcelona produces in each visitor’s hearts.

Barcelona is fresh, is ancient, is modernist, is fashion, is incredible but overall is unique! No wonder why Barcelona ranks in the top 10 of the most visited cities in the world, among worldwide capitals such as Paris, London, Rome and Madrid.

Barcelona is a magic place that will inspire you; the city itself is a complete artwork thanks to Gaudi. Discover the beautiful “Condal city”, stroll into its labyrinthine streets and lose yourself in its beautiful neighbourhoods. Immerse yourself deep into the Catalan culture and visit the best attractions of Barcelona this autumn.

In this post, we have selected the best attractions of Barcelona, according to the millions of visitors that each year visits the artwork of Gaudi. Have you never been to Barcelona? Take a look at this post and discover the stunning things of the “City of Counts”.

Best attractions of Barcelona

1. The Sagrada Familia

Best attractions of Barcelona

Despite being incomplete, this “Gothic-Art Nouveau” Roman Catholic Church is the most visited place of the whole city.

The construction began in 1882 but Gaudi took the charge of the project in 1883 and he changed the original plans and transformed it into this mix of Gothic Art and curvilinear Art Nouveau forms. It is hard to believe that the prodigious mind of Gaudi could imagine something like this in 1883.

This temple is not only a temple to god it is also a temple to Modernism and also a very important part of the DNA of Barcelona; is hard to imagine the city without the Sagrada Familia.

5 generations have been the witness of its construction and probably one year a future generation will see this fantastic building finished.

In order to visit the inside of the church you must pay a “fee” which is actually a donation towards the finishing of the construction; If you decided to visit the church, you can explore the museum and go to the top of the temple and admire Barcelona.

2. The Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic)

Not many cities can boast to have a fantastic old centre like the gothic of Barcelona. Most buildings date back from medieval times, in the Gothic, there are also remains of the Roman settlement. Forget about touristic guides, maps or GPS, the best way to discover Barcelona is to immerse into its labyrinthine and narrow streets.

The Gothic is the location of the Cathedral of Barcelona (Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia). The construction of this fantastic gothic church began in the 13th century and was finish in the 15th century; most of the work was done during the 14th century.

The Cathedral of Barcelona has an impressive architectural style, both inside and outside. The cloister, the main entrance, the gargoyles and the bell tower are pieces of artworks.

3. Park Güell (Parc Güell)

If there is a place from where you can have an extraordinary panoramic view of Barcelona is the Park Güell. This public park (is open to the public but you must pay a fee prior to your visit), is other magnificent artwork of Antonio Gaudi.

The park is an open space divided into two areas. The first area is the top one, full of lush vegetation and structured with stones strategically placed by the architect himself.

At this balcony, you can sit on one of the famous banks, decorated with the famous technique of “trencadis” and observe the beautiful landscape.

The second phase is the hall, famous for its colourful dragon on the steps. This room has 100 columns that support the balcony; the columns were designed to filter water of the balcony.

The park was built between the 1910 and 1914 but was not open to the public until 1926. UNESCO included the Park Güell in the list of World Heritage Places in 1984.

4. Casa Milà

“La Pedrera”, originally called Casa Mila, is a modernist building built by, who else, Antonio Gaudi. The main features of the house are its three facades and the geometric shapes that acquire: the shapes seem desert dunes but are nothing more than the reflection of a naturalistic baroque style from the mind of the genius… Antonio Gaudi!

Casa Mila is considered one of the best attractions of Barcelona, not only because of its architecture but also because of the magnificent views from the top.

5. Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

One of the most famous places to remember Cobi and the Olympic games of Barcelona 1992 is the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. Located at Plaza España, the Magic Fountain is famous to be the place of closure of the Olympic Games.

The Magic Fountain offers a fantastic show of water, music and lights. If you want to be witness of this beautiful spectacle, you can visit the Magic Fountains on the following schedule:

From the 31st of March to the 30th of October: from Thursday to Sunday from 21hrs to 23hrs30 every 30 minutes.

From the 1st of November to the 30th of March: Friday to Saturday from 19hrs to 21hrs every 30 minutes.

6. Camp Nou

If there is something that Barcelona can be proud of is from its Football Club, which is considered one of the best teams in Europe. If you want to immerse yourself in the magic of the Blaugranas, you can come and visit its headquarters, the Camp Nou, in the district of Les Corts.

The Camp Nou is the stadium with the highest capacity in Europe and the fifth in the world. Camp Nou can hold 99.354 spectators in addition to being listed as an elite stadium by UEFA.

7. Las Ramblas

Finally, the famous walk of Barcelona, any time of day you will see this street full of people walking, mostly tourists, who enjoy the street entertainment and the lively environment.

1.2 kms of paved stroll and divided into three parts: the central walkway and two parallel sidewalks, on the right the Raval and on the left the Gothic Quarter.

Right in the middle of Las Ramblas you will come across the Mercat de la Boqueria, the biggest market in Catalonia and the most visited.

At the Mercat, you will find all kinds of fresh products and over 300 places that sell millions of products if you look for something and you can’t find it in La Boqueria, it means it doesn’t exist!

All these attractions are considered the best attractions of Barcelona, not for us but for all the visitors… What do you think about this list? Have you ever been in Barcelona? Tell us which is your favorite attraction of the “City of Counts”?

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