Already know when the best time to visit Vietnam is?

Do you know what the best time to visit Vietnam is? It is the first question that arises when you are organizing your trip to this Southeast Asian country. There are many possible answers to this question and for each traveller the conditions to answer it are different. However, we can review several aspects that we consider important so you can decide for yourself when is the best time to travel to Vietnam. What we can assure you is whenever you visit, Vietnam and its people, will conquer you!

The weather in Vietnam: Dry and Rainy season

The first thing you need to know to determine when the best time to visit Vietnam is your geographical situation. Vietnam is located in the Indochina peninsula and has a tropical climate, which gives us two climatic times: The dry season and the rainy season. Although the easiest thing would be to determine that the best time to travel to Vietnam is in the dry season, we will see the arguments in more depth.

It is important to choose the right time to travel to Vietnam but we must bear in mind that it is a fairly large country with three very different areas. We have North Vietnam, Central Vietnam and South Vietnam. The climates in these three seasons can vary a lot, especially in terms of temperatures. While in northern Vietnam the temperatures in winter are quite low, in the south they remain warm. As for the rains, in the South, the monsoon season is longer, usually from May to November, while in the north they end in August.

We said that it would be easy to identify the dry season as the best time to travel to Vietnam, however you should keep in mind that the rains are not continuous. They are often intense but short rains that do not prevent tourism at all. So if you are lax in your conditions, the rain should not be a reason for discarding. In fact, the months of August and October are very recommendable to travel to Vietnam, the prices are not so high and the rain is not so abundant.

Best time to see Sapa, Halong Bay and the South.

Although Vietnam hides many attractions, there are several places that focus almost all the attention of tourists. Sapa and Halong Bay are two of the most important tourist destinations in Vietnam, so we will try to explain when the best time to visit Vietnam is.

Both are located in the North of Vietnam, so the ideal time is very similar. Spring is when Sapa is at its best, especially in the months of May and June. The same applies to Halong Bay since the rains are brief and the temperatures more pleasant to enjoy kayaking or the beaches of Halong Bay.

To enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of South Vietnam, the best time is from January to April. This is the high season, so although it is the best climatic moment, it is not the best time to pocket. Anyway, Vietnam is a very affordable country so it should not be a compelling reason that the budget is a bit higher.

The best time to visit Vietnam: Low season.

If the weather conditions do not worry you, but if you want to explore Vietnam without tourists at every step then you should look at other aspects. It is likely that many people directly discard the monsoon season, due to lack of information. As we have already commented, if you do not mind too much that some rain falls during your holidays, this is for you the best time to visit Vietnam. You will see that the prices are more affordable, that there are many fewer tourists and that the rains are not so annoying. In addition, it is a vital experience to be under intense monsoon rains at least once in a lifetime.

Another important aspect to take into account to avoid mass tourism is the holiday seasons by continents. Normally it is during the central months of summer (from June to September) when the most agglomeration of tourists receives the country. If you can avoid those dates, it would be ideal to explore the country with total peace of mind.