The top 5 Best wellness retreats in the world

Do you need holidays? The satisfaction of doing very good work every day is essential for your everyday routine, but even the most dedicated workers need holidays now and then. You might not know, but going on holidays is good for you. Even a short weekend getaway will make you feel better and help you to manage stress, reduce your blood pressure, live longer and help to improve your sleep patterns.

So, if you are feeling worn out from everyday routine and need some time off, a wellness retreat might be the answer. Wellness retreats are way more than a simple spa break. These type of getaways offer tailored programs to help you with stress reduction and detox, just to mention some of them. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our fabulous list of the top 5 best wellness retreats in the world and start finding something that fulfils your wellness needs.

The top 5 Best wellness retreats in the world

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland

The top 5 Best wellness retreats in the world

This resort features an incredible location with a beautiful Alpine backdrop. Whether you are looking for a determined program or you don’t know where or how to start, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the ideal spot for you. Switzerland is a stunning country, home to the finest medical spas on earth. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is proof of it. The resort has a team of more than 20 professional and specialist on fitness and natural programs.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is one of the best wellness retreats in the world because is consistently investing in being the leader. The resort provides the same functions as a hospital with the environment of a luxurious hotel. The daily menu has been supervised by the best nutritionists, offering healthy and low calories food. The prices for 3 nights will cost you around 600£.

Lefay Resort in Italy

Lake Garda is home to one of the best wellness retreats in the world. This stylish Italian luxury spa combines to perfection the ancient Chinese medicine with the top Western techniques to ensure you a unique wellness experience. Lefay is exceptional and it’s also committed to the environment. If you want to help our planet, you can consider a wellness retreat at Lefay as it is a total green resort. The Lefay Resort offers you 3 nights of wellness retreat for 940€.

The Body Holiday in St. Lucia

To many people the idyllic holidays include a beautiful hotel with the best facilities and amenities overlooking the stunning Caribbean Sea, well The Body Holiday in St. Lucia offers you all these and much more. The Body Holidays has been recognised as one of the best wellness retreats in the world, no wonder why, this resort has been specially designed to help you unwind, recharge your batteries and discover the real meaning of well-being.

Your everyday routine will consist of special spa treatments and detox therapies. Furthermore, you can learn special relaxation techniques or a few yoga postures. The Body Holidays features a large array of services available at your disposal. 3 days of fabulous wellness retreat at this hotel can cost you around 500€ per night.

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat in New Zealand

Aro Ha features an idyllic location overlooking the New Zealand’s Alps. This fabulous resort invites you to relaxation since the moment you step out from the plane, thanks to the idyllic landscape of the country. Aro Ha offers you a 5 days program that covers all aspects, from fitness and body activities to mind relaxation and sleeping programs.

This fabulous resort offers you meditation classes, also hiking and outdoor activities across the stunning scenery of the country. Furthermore, you can also enjoy therapeutic massages and strength training classes. The 5 days program includes yoga sessions, therapeutic massages, unlimited use of saunas and hot tubs, transfers, flights from the UK and the all-inclusive regime, for an initial price of 2800£.

Kamalaya in Thailand

Kamalaya is one of the best wellness retreats in the world. Nestled in a valley that overlooks the stunning coastline of Koh Samui, Kamalaya is a fabulous sanctuary, perfect for a revitalising wellness retreat. This resort offers a vast array of wellness programmes all of them designed to help you reach your health goals. Kamalaya offers a fabulous relaxing program. This program focuses in to renew your energy and recover the balance you lose during your everyday routine. Also, this program boosts your immune system.

Here our selection with the best wellness retreats in the world. What do you think about our selection? Remember that burnout is a sign that you need some time off. Going on holidays will help you recharge your batteries and improve your everyday performance. Wellness retreats have been created and developed to helps you to relax and find the peace of mind you need.



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