Croatia road trip: Useful tips for a fantastic road trip.

More than 20 years ago, a new star was born. Croatia became an independent nation as well as one of the top holiday destinations among Briton holidaymakers. Croatia is a dazzling destination capable to seduce the curious eye of any traveller, home to beautiful cities like Dubrovnik, Split and the Plitvice Lakes. Who hasn’t dreamed off unroll the towel and soak up the sun at the idyllic beaches of Croatia? Let’s face it, we all have dreamed of that…

Furthermore, if you are game of throne fan you cannot miss the opportunity for visiting King’s landing or Dubrovnik for locals. Croatia has become to stay and in this post, we propose you a nice way to explore this impressive destination, how about explore by car? Croatia is a destination perfectly suited to travel on your own by car. Whether you want to do it from Britain or in case you want to fly to Italy and rent a car there, on this post we will give useful advice for a fantastic Croatia road trip, check it out!

Useful tips for Croatia road trip

1. Are you driving directly from the UK?

This may sound a crazy idea, but in fact is a funny way to discover Europe. The quickest and cheapest route from the UK would travel through Germany. Once you’ve reached Calais, take the motorway to Belgium and follow the signs to Frankfurt, then Austria and the last country to cross would be Slovenia. Please note, to pass Slovenia you will need the vignette sticker. This “vignette” cost around 10€ and can be bought at the border gas station. Don’t risk driving without it, is not worth it if the police stop you there is a toll fine of 300€. If you avoid motorway you can skip the vignette, however, is not worth it as you’ll go on secondary roads and waste time.

2. Croatia Road trip: Be patient!

Croatia road trip

In the UK we are used to the good highway and it’s true that driving in Germany will be fabulous, but once you reach Croatia… We want to be honest, the stretches of highway are outstanding, good and fast, but unfortunately, there are few. All in all, we must say that the roads are not bad, but slow, you will visit loads of cities. When we say you will visit lots of cities, we really mean it, as important roads pass across the centre of numerous cities. Coastal roads are fabulous, as you will be able to admire impressive landscapes, but it’s necessary to calculate the itineraries and be realistic, but overall be patient. Useful tip: On the interior, parallel, to the coast from north to south, there is a very fast highway.

3. Visiting the essential cities of Croatia: Split and Dubrovnik

Right, we have to say that no visit to Croatia is complete if you don’t visit Split and Dubrovnik. Once we have clear this, it’s a common question when planning a Croatia road trip… These two cities are approximately 230 kilometres apart, in case you take the shortest route of course, which would be around 3 hours. Please note that to go from Centro to South Dalmatia you will need to take the Neum Corridor. This 5 miles long corridor passes over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Don’t worry, even though you are passing a border, there is an agreement between these two countries, so you won’t find any border control and no one will stop you on your way. If you are planning to enjoy this Croatia road trip in summer you will find heavy traffic.

4. Avoid Trogir: For booking accommodation.

Don’t misunderstand us, Trogir is a lovely, beautiful island perfect for a stroll and discovers beautiful squares. However, this little island is a car trap. There is only one bridge, which means… Traffic Jams… If you have found a beautiful hotel in Trogir, your best option is to leave the car outside the island and walk to your lodging option. Of course, this advice is for early birds, if you have in mind sleep the whole day, you can book your room in Trogir and explore all its corners.

5. Free Parking vs Parking in a garage

Finding an available parking space on the streets of big cities like Dubrovnik or Spit can be a frustrating and time-consuming endeavour. Don’t waste your time and avoid tickets, trust us, leaving your car in a parking garage is the cheapest and fastest option. If you don’t want to pay a penny for parking, then we suggest you parking outskirts and visit the city with public transportation, but in our honest opinion is not worth it.

6. English is widely spoken in touristic areas.

Luckily, in Croatia, you won’t have a problem with language. If you are going to the Adriatic area, you will see that everyone under 40 can speak very good English. Au contraire, if you are visiting small villages in the interior, you will have some issues. But, you don’t have to worry, Croatians will do as much as they can to understand you. Our tip, learn useful words to be polite. These words can be handy: Molim: Please, Thank you: Hvala and Good morning: Dobro Jutro. You may not sound Croatian but trust us it will be very much appreciated.

7. If you drive… don’t drink.

Well, this advice is obvious for a Croatia road trip. Don’t drink if you have to drive, its better safe than sorry. Drive with a blood alcohol content for more than 0.5 g/l it’s against the law and trust us, the fines are not cheap. Furthermore, depending on the level of alcohol in blood, police can even retain your passport or send you to jail, so better be on the safe side and don’t drink at all.

8. Travel with a cooler.

When travelling you need some time for refreshments or a place to store snacks and sandwiches. Travel coolers are a very good idea when travelling long distances, so we advise you to get one and store in there all the food you need. A cooler will help you to save time and also you can bring your favourite drinks. Please note that marmite can’t be found everywhere.

So, are you ready to fast your seat belt and enjoy a lifetime adventure across Europe! You can enjoy a Croatia road trip anytime but the best moment is in summer so you can bathe on those idyllic beaches of the Adriatic. Did you enjoy this post? If so, comment!