Easter is now drawing near at hand. Many people take advantage of spending time with their family or their friends, and what about you? Why not bring your kiddos to one of these mesmerizing places in France during the Easter holidays 2017?

Enjoy the fashion shows at the Cannes Shopping Festival and follow film stars

With all the great events in Cannes in April, how could you not enjoy spring in the city? If you are interested in fashion and shopping, you should take advantage of this fashion event. In four days, it will be a great opportunity for you to be an actor and spectator in the world of fashion. Also, this festival will give you all the special offers from participating boutiques. There will be food, numerous catwalks, nightlife exhibits and much more. You can even find free fashion shows in the streets. Moreover, you can attend the world-famous Cannes Film Festival 2017. However, during this famous festival, you can drive a luxury vehicle through the streets of the city. As a case in point, you can take a Porsche rental in Cannes as you can find here and enjoy some of the biggest movie stars at this Cannes Film Festival. In addition, it will help you get to this place easily.

Visit France’s top chocolate shops

Easter wouldn’t be complete without tasting the best Easter chocolates in France. Look out for beautiful chocolate eggs and indulgent treats in Paris first. Indulge your sweet mouth at Galeries Lafayette where you can ponder the choices over a cup of dark or milk hot chocolate. Don’t miss out the shop Jacques Genin, which is the perfect place for you to shop for Easter chocolates. Other than that, you can also taste and sample unique chocolate in Lorraine. For example, the Patisserie-Chocolaterie Musquar expanded in 2010 and offers beautiful eggs as well as a variety of Easter chocolates made with unusual spices and flavours. You will even enjoy some sweet treats. Pascal Caffet is also offering a bunch of Easter chocolates. In fact, it is known as the top patissier-chocolatiers ever in Champagne.

Check out the colourful markets in Provence

Provence is a great place to stop off. Easter is a great occasion to browse Provence’s colourful markets, which is one of the most interesting pastimes while going to France on this big day. This market is particularly popular with children during the Easter holidays. They will enjoy wandering the markets which take place in most of the region’s villages. Also, fresh strawberries can be offered by sellers for polite kids. Apart from that, street artists and performers will entertain passersby. Therefore, for a truly authentic experience, Provence is truly not to be missed.

Celebrate and get outdoors at Disneyland® Paris

Unlike any other major holidays in France, Easter is sort of a blip at Disneyland® Paris. It is one of the most beautiful amusement parks in the world. The big thing is that you can meet certain characters like Mickey Mouse & Minnie, Goofy, Baloo and other characters. On top of that, Disneyland® Paris is home to a plethora of Disney princesses including Belle, Ariel, and Snow White. Besides, it will be exciting for the kids to perform in a theme park. For younger children, they can take a 3D ride in order to enjoy an intergalactic journey with Star Tours. However, if you are a local, then enjoy crowded times of the year. All in all, a trip around it is highly recommended.

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