Visit the Island of Hvar in Croatia

Years ago no one had even heard about the Island of Hvar, nowadays the Croatian island is one of the top destinations in Europe and has become a paradise for the jet-set. But, with a little of knowledge about the island, there are still many places to discover and enjoy.

Known as Croatia’s St Tropez, the first impression when you get off from the boat is exactly the same picture of your travel guide, with a beautiful harbor with plenty of fishing boats and incredible and expensive yacht. Close to the harbor there is a huge paved square with a baroque cathedral; and overlooking it all, a hilltop castle built by the Venetians. Island of Hvar is considered as the queen of the Dalmatian islands, and we have to know that the island of Hvar was the first organized travel destination in the world. In the late 1800s the climate of Hvar was considered perfect for those with wealthy problems, and sick people from the Austro-Hungarian Empire came to Hvar town for its fresh air and a mild climate, with more hours of sunshine per year than any other place on the Adriatic.

Today, Island of Hvar is more than a health resort, and people from all over the world come here to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean island, full of nature and with an incredible architecture. The visitors are attracted by the beaches, sun and gastronomy. The island has a Mediterranean nature with vast fields of lavender, olive trees and vineyards. Actually in Hvar old town is easy to find a wine cellar serving homemade wine, we extremely recommend to do a wine tasting it’s an incredible experience.

Over the last 10 years the island of Hvar has become one of the best tourist destinations in Europe, and although there are a lot of hotels in Hvar, in summer it could be a little bit difficult to find a place to sleep. But don’t worry about that, because if we come to Hvar without accommodation and we don’t have any idea of where to sleep, we will always find local people who’d offer us a room for a night or two.

Hvar old town is a nice place to visit with its stone streets, the town is full of restaurants and during summer months there is a lot of nightlife, but if we are looking for beaches we should go to Pakleni Islands. The most popular beaches of Hvar are situated on these islands, considered as the most beautiful part of Hvar Riviera. It’s easy to go there by boat. The most famous beaches and islands are Jerolim, a naturist beach alongside the coast of Sveti Jerolim Island. Marinkovac that is a partly nudist island with three popular coves. Stipanska, the first taxi boats stop that after a short walk through the pinewood we will get to a restaurant. It’s a nudist place but we can choose if we want to use a swimsuit or not.

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