Hotel safety tips which every business traveler should know

Travelling has become an essential part of many professions now. People need to go from one place to another for attending business meetings, seminars, conferences etc. In fact, some business trips are so hectic and busy that the person feels as good as a dead man. So when he enters the hotel lobby, the first thing he wants is a room so that he can go and just dump himself in bed. Many feel utterly tired and want to have a good bath and clean themselves up, have some food and get some good rest. This is the time when people tend to become a bit unmindful and is a golden opportunity for the imposters. Do not make the mistake of letting your guard down at this moment. Business travelers often travel alone and hence should be more careful.

Mentioned below are some important hotel safety tips, which business travellers should be well-aware of:

On arrival at the hotel

  • Look for a room which is not located on the ground floor. Chances of break-in are high in such rooms if there is a lack of adequate security. If the hotel has many stories, try living in the one above the second floor. Since the rooms are at a higher position, chances of break-ins are lower. Also in case of fires or other disasters, using the stairs for getting down will not be a problem.
  • Do not endow the responsibility of carrying your luggage to anyone, who claims to be the staff of the hotel. Keep the luggage with yourself, even if it is heavy. Some hotel lobbies are too busy with lots of people moving here and there. Thieves wait for moments when you are distracted and the bag can be snatched. Be very careful in this regard.

During the process of check-in

  • Recognized and reputed hotels and their staff ensure that the customer name, identity and his room number will not be given out to anyone. However, there are times when errors take place. In case the room number is compromised, make a request of allotting another room. Since this is a matter of security, the hotel is bound to take your request and make another room allocation.
  • Take two business cards from the hotel reception and the card should contain the hotel name and contact details. One card should be kept in the hotel room by the telephone so that if you need any help or there is an emergency, you can call the hotel’s reception or any specific department of the hotel. The other card, you must carry with you in your wallet or purse. In case you cannot find the way to the hotel, you can seek help by showing the card and get proper directions to the place.
  • Use your credit card at the check-in counter very carefully. Now phone cameras and other cameras have become very careful and imposters and thieves can track the credit card number and pin number from far using the camera. Also, when the executive hands you back the card, make sure that it is your original card and not someone else’s card or a false card. Such incidents have been reported quite commonly and one should be quite careful.

In the hotel room

  • Usually, in standard hotels, a valet will accompany you to your allotted room. Keep the door open while you check the room in presence of the valet. Check the area behind the curtains, the closet and the shower before the valet is released and you have the room to yourself.
  • Another thing you must check is whether the room lock functions properly or not. The door should have a deadbolt. Make sure that is locked whenever you are inside the room. Breaking in will take some effort with the deadbolt lock in place. For additional security, while sleeping or showering, you can use a door wedge.
  • Keep all your important documents and papers under lock and key always. Also, keep a flashlight by the bedside. In case of a power out or some kind of emergency, you will need light to navigate through the unknown hotel and the flashlight will be of great help.

While leaving the hotel room for going to work

  • Standard hotels come with room safes. These safes get locked with your personal combinations and will not open with general keys or some common key code. Keep items like your laptop or other electronic goods in the safe. However, refrain from keeping documents like passports in the safe. You might have got your passport in Atlanta after so much hassle and there is no need to risk the same.
  • If you think that the safe in the room is not that safe, you can use the hotel safe. Get a written document from the hotel of the things that you kept in the safe and also ask about the coverage in case something gets lost or is stolen.
  • If you lose the room key or access card, inform the same to the hotel reception at once. You never know that the key might fall into wrong hands and cause greater trouble.

Following these simple things will keep you safe from imposters and give you peace of mind when you are busy with your business commitments.

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