Do you want to travel around the world, but you don’t have enough money? That’s only a lame excuse. It is possible to travel cheaply or nearly free if we follow simple tips and tricks to squeeze the most of every euro. All you need to travel with a tight budget is enthusiasm and some ideas to get started.

We all have heard the old adage that says: “The best things in life are free”, but most people assume that this rule only applies to the small pleasures of life, like the smell of flowers or laughing with friends. Of course, these things are nice, but what about those bigger pleasures like travel? How is it possible to travel cheaply?

Follow these tips and learn how to travel cheaply.

How to travel cheap: 4 useful tips for travelling cheap or almost free.

1. Carpooling

Carpooling has become a very popular way to travel because allows you to save money and also is eco-friendly. Carpooling means: when 2 or more people share the same car to commute somewhere. By having more people using one vehicle, carpooling reduces each person’s travel costs such as tolls, petrol costs and of course the stress of driving. Carpooling usually requires a little planning in advance but is a safer option than hitchhiking: there are web pages specifically dedicated to carpooling as or

Carpooling official websites offer you the chance to know more details about the people you are going to share the car, details like name, phone, pictures etc…

2. Fly smart

The low-cost airlines are widely known in Europe as well as in other continents. Nowadays travel by plane is way cheaper than travel by train or by car. Some airlines to fly cheap in the UK and Europe are:

Some airlines to fly cheap in Asia are:

Some airlines to fly cheap in Australia are:

Some airlines to fly cheap in North America are:

Some airlines to fly cheap in South America are:

Some airlines to fly cheap in Africa are:

Tips for finding cheap flights:

The best prices are usually found if you pretend to travel on weekdays, during weekdays the traffic of passenger is low. Most of the airlines’ websites also propose flights in the days surrounding the chosen date. That is perfect if you have flexibility on your dates. For flights of medium and short distance will usually get the best prices by booking flight between 8 and 6 weeks in advance. For long-haul flights, the best option is to book your flight 6 and 4 months in advance

3. How to stay cheap

Home exchange

This option, of course, requires having your own house. If you have a house to offer in return, there are several websites that give the possibility to offer your home in exchange this website is the most popular: The duration of the exchange depends on the needs of both parties and usually is a negotiation between the two parties to reach an agreement. Staying in a home rather than a hotel gives some benefits like save on food. The trouble is that the locations are usually worse than hotels and you will remain with the “fear” that has an unknown living in your house…

House Sitting

House sitting or House Sitter House sitting means: when the homeowner is out for holidays, trust the keys of the house to a “guest” to take care of the house. This “guest” has to perform the necessary duties to take care of the house. In exchange for taking care of the house, the guest can stay for free at home. This form of accommodation is very much in use, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. There are several websites that are available to volunteer as house sitter as HouseCarers, MindMyHouse or, for the more demanding LuxuryHouseSittings.

Search Hotels and Apartments

If you are unable to think of giving the keys of your house to a stranger or if you don’t think is a good idea to take care of someone’s house, or if there is no possibility of house exchanges at the destination you have chosen for your next trip, you can always book a hotel room.

There are many websites where you can find a hotel or apartment and compare prices of different accommodations.

Hotel search engine for urban destinations:

Search engines specializing in holiday apartments:

Speciality search engines in rural accommodation:

Additional tips for cheap accommodation:

Try to travel in low season.
Compare the prices of the same accommodation, same dates, etc on different portals; sometimes you can get better prices depending on the websites so you can save a few Euros more.
Normally hotels offer their best prices 2 to 3 months before the travel date or the last days before the trip, using the formula of last minute.

4. How to visit city landmarks for less money:

Free Tour:

To visit a city in the cheapest way possible is to participate in one of the many guided tours that offer each city: from tours organized by locals to professional visits, provided for free or at low cost. The most famous example is the London’s tour guided by the homeless.

A good website to find free tour is

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