Explore the UK: the longest bridges in UK

Bridges are structures that provide passage over obstacles such as rough terrain, valleys or water. That’s the most accurate description of the word “Bridge”, yet, nowadays bridges are not a mere structure designed to connect an area with others, in some cases are impressive artworks.

Most people go abroad for visiting impressive structures like “Millau Viaduct” in France or the Danyang – Kunshan Grand Bridge in China, but most people ignore the fantastic constructions that we have in the UK. So, are you ready to explore the beautiful areas of the UK? Check out this post and discover which the longest bridges in the UK are.

The Longest Bridges in the UK

Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

This fabulous bridge of 137 meters tall and 812 meters long it’s one of the busiest on the road. Inaugurated in 1991, this bridge is the longest cable-stayed road bridge over the Thames River in south-east England. Once it was completed, the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge was not only the longest bridge in the UK, was also the largest in Europe.

Tay Rail Bridge

Tay Rail Bridge or the Bridge of Tay is a bridge of 3500 meters long that connects the Scottish city of Dundee with Wormit. The current bridge is not the original, in fact, in the 19th century that was the location of the first Tay Bridge that collapses at the end of the century. Before the construction of the bridge, the Estuary was crossed by boats or ferry. The first bridge was inaugurated in 1878 and collapsed in 1879, this disaster it’s considered one of the greatest disasters in the history of engineering. The bridge we can see nowadays was inaugurated in 1887.

The Severn Crossing

This beautiful bridge, built to connect England and Wales and replace the Aust Ferry. Aust Ferry, a disgusting service according to Daniel Defoe, but convenient and necessary to connect Aust and Beachley. Opened in 1966, the Severn crossing provides service for road traffic between West Country and South Wales. The flamboyant suspension bridge gain popularity as well as importance, as it’s a bridge built to meet demand. A bridge designed to stand up to everything that may come the Severn Crossing stands as one of the longest bridges in the UK.

Queensferry Crossing, the forth road bridge and the Forth Bridge

Three magnificent bridges built in three different centuries. The eldest, to the east, the famous Forth Bridge opened in 1890, and for more than 100 years the bridge connects Fife with Edinburgh. No one can deny that this bridge is an icon of industrial virtuosity, the reason why is no surprise that the bridge is one of Scotland’s Heritage Sites.

In the middle, visitors will admire the Forth Road Bridge. Opened in 1964 and closed for vehicles in 2017, it’s the bridge perfect for pedestrians as it’s the only one where you can walk across. And last but not least, to the west, The Queensferry Crossing, the new bridge that uses new technology to raise efficiency and safety.

So here our list with the longest bridges in the UK. Comment!