Flying is the fastest way to travel and one of the most common due to the increase of “low cost” airlines. Flying is also, according to statistics, the safest way to travel. However, there are many people who are scared of flying; if you are one of those who is afraid of flying we bring you some useful tips! Don’t worry this problem has a solution: overcoming the fear of flying is possible.

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms before boarding the plane? Your hands shake, you’re pale, you head starts spinning and you can listen to your heart beating, having all these symptoms mean you are afraid to fly. Take a look at this fantastic post that will show you 9 useful tips to overcome the fear of flying:

Overcome fear of flying… 9 useful tips.

1. Be Rational

Overcome fear of flying…9 Useful tips.

The aeroplane is the safest way to travel on earth: the odds of your plane going down is around one in 5 million! The probability is on your side! In fact, you are more likely to be attacked by a shark or have a car accident than to die in a plane crash.

2. Distractions

The entertainment on the plane is important in order to avoid bad thoughts. Long distances flights are equipped with televisions and a sound system. If you are flying to another continent the best option is booking with a big airline such as American Airlines.

American Airlines is slightly more expensive than other airlines, however, even if you are travelling in tourist class (coach) you have your own television with more entertainment offers than any other airline. Anyways if you are on a short distance flight you can always bring your E-Book or read magazines, which are offered by all airlines around the world.

3. Fly more often

The best solution to overcome fears is to face them: if you are afraid to fly…fly more often! Get used to flying will make the experience something like a part of your daily life, like driving.

4. Learn more about planes and flying

Learn why things happen sometimes helps… We are going to explain to you some basic things about the Turbulences. Turbulence occurs when the aircraft passes a low-pressure zone to a high pressure; this phenomenon is the one that generates a “bump” effect. The best solution to this problem is to try to think what happens when you driving in a very bad road: try to relax, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a car by a terrible road.

5. Flight

We always choose our flights either if we want to visit a specific location or based on accommodation/flight prices, but   when possible consider choosing  your flights based on the following characteristics:

  • Operated by larger aircraft. Avoid low-cost companies…
  • Nonstop flights, even if you found a bargain… try to book direct flights.
  • Larger seats: On this web, you can take a look at which are the best seats; you only have to introduce the type of aircraft and indicate your preferences. Click here.  There is also the opportunity to change your seat, some companies offer seat upgrades, (if you are on frequent flyer programs).
  • Avoid routes with turbulences or travel in summer or spring.

6. Seat

Choosing the right seat is a good solution in order to reduce the uncomfortable sensations caused by the possible turbulence; choosing the right seat also reduces the chances of suffering panic attacks. The best seats, if you are scared of turbulence, are near the wings; near the wings, the aircraft moves less, however, if you are afraid of the take-off and/or landing, the best seats are at the back of the plane.

7. Control anxiety

Meditation is a method that works well for controlling anxiety. If a negative thought comes to your mind, try to think about something else perhaps your destination or imagine yourself in happy situations. If this doesn’t work, try to breathe deeply and slow through your nose.

8. Fear of flying course

Most airlines offer the possibility to attend courses to overcome fear of flying.

9. Pills

The last option, if nothing else helps… visit a doctor tell him your problem and the doctor will prescribe you sleeping tablets. Overcome the fear of flying and start enjoying more this fantastic experience! Remember that this industry has changed a lot since its beginning, aircraft are safer and more equipped… What do you think about our post? Are you afraid of flying? Tell us about your experiences!

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