This 2015, the govern of Ibiza has stated that they want to promote a series of interesting sports activities during April, May, and the last trimester of the year, such as marathon races, swimming races, or mountain bike tours.

For it is known throughout the world, that Ibiza is one of the hottest travel destinations of the world, mainly because of the great parties and discos that we can find on the island. But there is also another side of the island, a side made of beautiful beaches and coves, some hidden and some others famous, with fine sand and crystalline waters.

There is also a rural side of the island, for those travellers that enjoy walking through wooded zones and natural spots, visiting the small villages that we can find in the interior of the island, in the Official Web of Tourism of Ibiza you can find a lot more information about these places.

Nevertheless, tourists wanting to access the island’s coves and beaches, or enjoy the thrill of the mountain bike tour throughout Ibiza have found a little problem: access to some areas of the island, mainly those coves and beaches, and some points of some of the competitions can only be accessed through vehicle, so if we want to visit all the places that we had planned to visit we will need to rent a vehicle.

For that reason, numerous business has seen the opportunity and have begun to open renting services throughout the island, to supply cars, quads or bikes to the tourist that need them.

One of them is, that puts a large catalogue of vehicles for a large number of needs.

Gain mobility renting a quad

For those travellers searching for a more exciting experience, we can rent a quad in order to not only access to all the areas in the island, but also get that thrilling sensation of freedom when driving a quad.

We can find quads like the Kymco MXU, with 250 c.c., ideal for couples wanting to share the vehicle, since they come with two helmets for free, or the Sym Quadlander, with similar features.

Even though we can find quad renting in their website, we can also find other options for all the tastes, including renting a car, with great deals in group renting, or renting a motorbike, for those travelers looking for the freedom that comes with riding a bike through the city.

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