Romania Holidays: A tour around the most impressive areas of Romania.

Located in the beautiful Balkans, Romania is a country full of contrasts. A dynamic country rich in history, arts but overall in stunning landscapes. Once, part of the Roman Empire, Hungarians, Ottomans and more recently was part of the Soviet Block. Certainly, Romania is a country that has fabulous attractions for all audiences.

This country is full of picturesque villages, great ski resorts and fascinating and bustling cities. However, what makes this country a top attraction is the opportunity to visit the homeland of the famous vampire: Dracula. Romania Holidays is the perfect opportunity to discover the fascinating story of the fictional character that lives in a medieval village of Transylvania. Furthermore, Romania features a beautiful city, Bucarest, which is the capital of the country and enjoys an idyllic location in the southern areas of the Carpathians. Are you ready for your Romania Holidays? Check out this information and don’t miss any detail.

Romania Holidays


This is one of the most interesting areas of Romania thanks to its walled-city well-preserved. Sighisoara is a village founded in the XII century by the Saxons come from Germany during the middle age. The Saxons erected the city on the remains of a Roman Fort. Furthermore, the city is famous for being the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, ruler of Wallachia between 1456 and 1462, known for its violence as well as for being the protagonist of the myth of Dracula.

During the XIV century, Sighisoara developed a very important economy and emerged as a very important area. Its convenient location, on the border area between the European Renaissance and the East, benefits the trade and mobility. The city is the perfect example of a bourgeoisie villa of Central-Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, Sighisoara was neither the richest nor the largest of the Saxon Cities from Romania, but certainly is the most popular and famous. The lively streets and beautiful monuments testify to that past. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Clock Tower, built in 1556.


Sibiu, once part of Hungary and the ancient capital of Transilvania. Due to its location, in Transylvania, Sibu is an area associated with vampire legends. However, visitors won’t find any vampire, instead will find a vast array of attractions and activities. Sibu’s Great Square, Baroque Buildings and the Palace of Brukenthal, which houses one of the oldest museums in the world. In addition to its beautiful attractions, travellers can visit the remains of the old fortifications used to defend the city hundreds of years ago.


Located in the central area of Romania, Brasov has everything travellers are looking for: Vibrant modern life mixed with the charm of the old world. Surrounded by the Carpathians, the city is the perfect location for mountain tourism. In Brasov, visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll along its streets as well as visit the beautiful Black Church. “Biserica Neagra” is a church built by the German community of Brasov. Nowadays, Biserica Neagra highlights for being the most important Gothic Style Monument in Romania, as well as being the largest Lutherans place of worship in the area.

Bran Castle

Only 15 miles away from Brasov you will find the world famous Bran’s Castle. Place in which Bram Stoker, inspired to describe the home of its famous vampire, Dracula. Bran Castle was a military site built in the 12th century atop of a hill. Surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere, once you arrive at Bran Castle and visit its rooms and chambers is hard not believe in the myth of Dracula.

Nowadays, this fortress has become one of the most visited in Transylvania. Although the village of Bran is small, during the high season it’s filled with tourists. The main street is full of souvenir shops, cosy restaurants and bars.


Sinaia is a mountainous town that grew up around a monastery called Sinaia. This Romanian Monastery is famous for has the first printed Bible in Romania. A visit to the Monastery is a must, as you will see a beautiful place full of ancient paints, furniture with more than 300 years old and a beautiful tower that catches everyone attention.

The surrounders of Sinaia are perfect for those looking for hiking paths and mountain activities during summer and alpine skiing in winter. Furthermore, don’t miss the opportunity for visiting the summer house of King Carol-I of Romania, the Peles Castle. The castle, built in Neo-Renaissance style, remains as a popular attraction of the city.


If you are planning to enjoy Romania Holidays during summer, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most popular seaside resorts of Romania, Mamaia. Mamaia boasts a fabulous location in the Black Sea; is nestled in an area not larger than 6 miles and offers beautiful white sand beaches perfect for soak up the sun during the whole summer. Furthermore, Mamaia has an aquatic park for the youngest and a vast array of aquatic sports for adults.

Danube Delta

Most of the Danube Delta, one of the largest Delta of Europe, is in Romania. Originally part of the Black Sea, the Danube Delta is a good place to observe nature. This beautiful area is home to a large number of plants and animals as encloses 23 different ecosystems, including some of the largest wetlands on earth. The best way to explore all its corners is by enjoying a cruise on the river. Also, don’t miss the chance to admire the spectacular sunsets of the area.


Romania Holidays

Last but not least, we present you Bucarest, the lively and bustling capital of Romania. Visitors can enjoy pleasant strolls across the centenarian buildings. Bucarest has experimented with the different period in its history, some have been fascinating, architecturally speaking. Also, if you want to disconnect from the bustling areas of the city, you can visit Park Cismigiu. This little park features a beautiful lake with swans, cosy restaurants and bars. Certainly, a green oasis in the middle of the chaos of this big city. The Park is very popular amongst locals and is not difficult to find little markets and festivals throughout the year.

This European capital is home to the largest Parliament Building in the world, with more than 3,000 rooms. The Parliament of Romania offers guided tours, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore it. Furthermore, don’t miss the chance to visit the old city centre with its cobbled and narrow streets, ancient buildings, including some beautiful Medieval churches.

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