What to buy in Budapest: The best products from the capital of Hungary

The beautiful pearl of the Danube is one of the most visited cities in Europe, thanks, mostly for its beautiful attractions. Hungary is the favourite destination for students or visitors travelling on a budget, looking for world-class attractions, delicious culinary options, good drinks and lively environment, at affordable prices.

When you visit a city, sooner or later you will need to get a nice gift for someone, so, on this post, we want to help you to decide what to buy in Budapest, where to get it and which are the typical artefacts everyone should get when visiting the beautiful capital of Hungary. If you are visiting this lovely city for 2 or 3 days, you will have plenty of time to visit some of our options. Not sure what to buy in Budapest? Check out this post.

What to buy in Budapest?

While exploring the city, you can also take a look at the interesting shopping options across the city. Before getting into shopping options, it’s imperative to know some important facts about the city. Not everyone knows, but before the 19th century, Buda and Pest were two different cities. Both cities have a long history and they became one in 1873.

While Buda is often called the Upper-Class zone, Pest is where you will find the urban life. Thanks to the construction of the magnificent Széchenyi Bridge, widely known as the “Bridge of the chains”, both areas were finally connected.

Now, let’s talk focus on what to buy in Budapest. From delicious sausage to exotic paprika, food is probably what everyone wants to get. Nevertheless, you can’t forget to get local craft beer or the famous Pálinka. Also, Hungary is famous for the beautiful clothes, part of local folklore.

What to buy in Budapest? Liqueurs and wines.

Allow a couple of hours to explore the beauty of the city, just following the flow of the Danube. Our first stop for getting a souvenir it will be the Central Market, very close to the Liberty Bridge, more precisely in Förvám street. This market is open from Monday to Saturday and is the place where you can find everything.

On the ground floor, you will find food of all kind, shapes and sizes, highlighting the good quality and vivid colours of fruits and vegetables. It is essential to buy Pálinka, a brandy that is made with fruits with a strong but delicious taste.

Do you like strong liquors? If so, we suggest you try the Únicum. The únicum is for Hungarians what Jägermeister to Germans, a digestif liqueur made, mostly, from herbs. Nothing match better to local food than a good Tokaj Aszu, the delicious Hungarian wine. So, how about bringing back to the UK a good bottle of Tokaj Aszu? We are sure that you can’t fail if you give your family-in-law a bottle of a good wine for a Sunday roast dinner, for example.

What to buy in Budapest? Food and sweets.

The list of food you can get in Budapest is very large, but there are things we all must have at our kitchens after a trip to Hungary. Paprika, for example. The ground spice made from dried chilli peppers, a delicious option to spice up a little your food. Another delicious souvenir you can bring back home are the Sausages. You will find Hungarian sausages of all types and flavours, like the smokes one called Gyulai or the spice one called Csabai.

If you know someone with a delicate palate that loves and enjoys fine dining experience, we suggest you get the exclusive Hungarian foie gras. Also, for the sweet tooth, you have other options like delicious truffles or marzipan, both options are delicious.

What to buy in Budapest? Clothes and local handcraft

If you want to give a nice gift to a girl, you definitely need to get a Hungarian hand-embroidered blouse. These blouses are simply beautiful, you will mostly find them in white, but they are also in other colours. It’s a traditional outfit with Baroque and Renaissance features.

If you are visiting Budapest, you may be want to surprise your significant other with a beautiful piece of Porcelain jewellery. Hand-painted porcelain combine to perfection with beautiful hand-embroidered blouse. You will find beautiful earrings, bracelets, rings and necklace, certainly, a beautiful gift to someone you love.

In case you don’t know Hungary is home to the largest ceramic factories in the world: Herend porcelain. We are aware that nowadays no one wants to pay a ridiculous amount for tableware, however, Hungarian porcelain products are simply beautiful. It’s hard to resist, seriously, beautiful and luxurious porcelain it’s a very special gift to take home.

So, here our selection with souvenirs from Budapest. Have you ever been to Budapest? Do you like our selection? Comment!