What to buy in Japan? 8 unique articles that you should buy in Japan

What to buy in Japan? What are the most popular things to shop? Is it worthy to buy cosmetic in Japan? Shall I buy technology there? All these questions come to our mind when considering travelling to the country of the rising sun. We all know that Japan is different and it’s famous for its technology, fashion and traditional handicrafts. But it’s also famous for its unique and bizarre articles that no one could ever imagine they exist.

Travelling to Japan and not bringing back a souvenir is impossible. Beyond the typical magnets, cups, lousy t-shirts or any other item easy to find elsewhere in the world, in Japan, you can find special stuff, even some beyond your imagination. We all have a friend that will find useful a “kigurumis” or a kit-kat with weird flavours. What to buy in Japan will mostly depend on what are you looking for. However, there are certain articles that will catch the eye and that you will need to buy, not because you need it but because it’s weird and fun. Take a look at our list with 8 unique article that you should buy if visiting Japan.

What to buy in Japan?

  1. Kit Kat

If you are a huge fan of chocolate, you are in luck! Japan is the perfect place to be. Since 2000 Nestle Japan has developed more than 200 Kit Kat flavours. In Japan, the “Gotouchi” concept is very popular. If we translate this word in English, it would mean something like “place of origin”. For this reason, icons as popular as Hello Kitty or Kit Kat, have an original and unique edition that gives extra value to the main characteristics of each region. If you travel across Japan you will find Kit Kat with different flavours, for example, in Kyoto, it’s very popular Kit Kat green tea flavour, while in Okinawa the most demanded is the sweet potato flavour.

  1. Cosmetics

Japan is widely known for the quality of its products and cosmetics are not an exception. So, if you don’t know what to buy in Japan, you should include cosmetics on your list. Cosmetics are very popular with tourists who visit Japan. Japanese have been patenting and developing formulas and products to help skin looks better, younger and with no imperfections.

Proof of this is that for years, Japanese women carry out a very strict routine for taking care of their skin, from special gels to clean the face to fabulous creams to avoid oily aspect. From an early age, the Japanese women start to prevent ageing skin as well as of course wear lots of makeup to get the perfect finish. In Western Countries, famous brands like Shiseido and Sk-II are very expensive, however, in Japan, these brands won’t cost as much and there are also good and more affordable brands that have nothing to envy to these two.

  1. Jacket with inbuilt air-conditioning.

Welcome to Japan, the country where everything is possible, even something like this. In case you didn’t know, Japan is a country with a really bad weather. We can say, in general terms, that is a rainy country with high humidity. But during the summer, the country reach really high temperatures that will make you feel you are visiting the hell itself. If you are planning to spend your holidays under the burning sun of Japan, this jacket might come in handy. This Japanese jacket comes with 2 fans sewn into the jacket and wrafts a refreshing breeze around its wearer. The fans are powered by regular AA batteries or in case you use it indoor you can plug it using a regular USB cable.

  1. Cupmen: Temperature sensitive.

Funny article, unique in its kind, but is it useful? Well, if you are a huge fan of ramen soups, well yeah! This product, designed by Akira Mabuchi, is something everyone should have at home. It’s very simple to use it, you simply fit Cupmen on the lid of the pot and it will keep the flap closed. How will you know the soup is ready? Simple! The Cupmen change its colours and jump when the process is done. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

  1. Pocket warmer

Japanese winter can be very cold, but still, a good time for spending holidays as it’s a country that has much to offer even during those days. Skiing, beautiful illuminations or the numerous snow festivals held around the country, make it a fascinating destination. However, if you are wondering how you can stay warm when you are strolling and discovering Japanese cities? Well, you can buy heat packs! Ok, we also have certain kind of heaters in Britain, however, there aren’t cheap at all, in Japan you can get a pack with 10 heaters for only 2£…

  1. Yukata

If you are a girl, you will definitely need to have a Yukata. Yukata is the typical Japanese summer dress, very similar to a kimono but easier to put on. You can get this dress at any souvenir shop; most of them include a small bag, shoes, the dress and the obi sash.

  1. Infinity bubble wrap

Let’s face it when you order something fragile and you get a bubble wrap, the first thing you do is pop the bubbles… That’s normal! Bubble wraps are the perfect way for stress relief. In the country of the rising sun, they have created something perfect for those permanently in need of stress relief, an infinite bubble wrap! What to buy in Japan? So many useful items like this one! “Mugen Puchi Puchi” is its name and it’s an electronic bubble wrap simulator that not only emulates the sound of the pop but also the sensation on your fingers.

  1. Mimi-Kaki

What to buy in Japan? How about an ear cleaner? Might sound weird but it’s something useful to keep your ears clean. Do you want to know an interesting fact? In Japan, if you want to express love for someone, you can get a mimi-kaki and clean the ears to your significant other. The mimi-kaki is a utensil to clean the ears. The tip is shaped like a spoon; it has a length of between 13 cm and 15 cm. The most classic is bamboo with cotton at the other end, although there are others made with plastic materials, stainless steel, ivory, etc. «Mimi» means ear and “kaki” comes from the verb “Kaku”, which means “to scratch”.

So, already know what to buy in Japan? Do you know any other odd article to add to this post? Comment!

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