The cold winter is coming and soon the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas Holidays; Holidays for rest and have fun!

Perfect holidays for those who love to slide from the highest slopes in one of the many resorts in the Pyrenees or the Alps. But in case you are not a huge fan of ski and bad weather, there are always alternative plans… Can you imagine living a different experience and celebrate Christmas Eve or New Year’s eve on the beach? A beach holiday during winter is a fantastic idea if you want to escape from anoraks and snow.

Now is time to start wondering… where to travel in December? On this post, you can discover 8 stunning destinations where to travel in December, perfect destinations for those who just want to have fun, lie down and sunbathing on a paradisiacal beach during the summer.

Where to travel in December for a warm winter


December just perfect to immerse yourself in the beautiful and colourful country of Madagascar. Madagascar offers fantastic beaches to all its visitors. For those who love exotic beaches and who wants to have a lovely experience, they should go straight to the island of Nosy Be, and discover why the ylang-ylang flowers are so special…

Miami Beach.

Miami is considered one of the major destinations during winter, both for locals as well as for tourists. Miami Beach is a fantastic place to spend lovely holidays surrounded by its lively environment and its beautiful beaches.

The city is widely known for three things: number one: top surfing destination; number two: for its beautiful and relaxing beaches perfect for just lie and sunbathing and number three: for its lively nightlife… where it seems that the party never ends. Certainly, Miami is a beautiful place, perfect if you haven’t decided where to travel in December, Miami offers a mild climate, with soft breezes, sunny days and also a lively nightlife…

Dominican Republic

As incredible as it might sound… Did you know that in the Dominican Republic can enjoy 360 days of incredible summer?

No wonder why this country is worldwide famous as one of the top beach destinations in winter. Its most famous beach in Punta Cana. Punta Cana is a white sandy beach bathed by the Caribbean Sea and a fantastic tourist destination for everyone. If you still doubting about where to travel in December, this is the most appropriate destination for you… a sunny place, stunning beaches and all-inclusive hotels!


Thailand is a perfect destination for winter holidays. Thailand offers incredible beaches and the most natural landscapes that you have ever seen. Thailand offers to all its visitors: white sand beaches, emerald water bays, a great cultural offer and a stunning marine life. Allow yourself to discover impressive places of Thailand, places like Ko Chang, the elephant island, a paradise that remains unspoiled.

Another fantastic option is to visit Phuket: the most famous and beautiful beach of the country, or travel to Koh Phangan to enjoy the fantastic and lively atmosphere during the Full Moon Party …

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya a Mexican tourist jewel; the most classic and demanded destination for those looking for fantastic weather, nice environment and peace. Beautiful white-sand beaches and with turquoise water are the main highlights of the Rivera Maya; quiet places like Tulum, are the main reason why people keeps coming to enjoy the possibility to lie down and relax in the shade of Mayan ruins, surrounded by the deep blue sea.

Canary Islands

Obviously, on this post couldn’t miss the preferred beach by most Europeans during the cold months. Still, don’t know where to travel in december? why not, The Canary Islands?.

Something remarkable is that they are in “Europe” as they are part of Spain, which means you won’t have a long travel in order to enjoy stunning holidays. The most important highlight is without any doubt the fantastic temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees and sunny days; these features makes the Canary Islands a fantastic winter destination.


This African archipelago of 115 islands is one of the most demanded destination for European travellers. No wonder why this beautiful paradise appears on all the catalogs of the travel agencies. Seychelles is the perfect combination of the exotic and lovely paradise; the rocks of “La Digue” and the island of “Mahe” are the icons of this paradise.

Seychelles is the top destination for honeymooners due to its beauty and romantic environment; but it is also a perfect place to enjoy your next winter holidays!


Haven’t decided where to travel in december yet, here you can read a powerful reason why to travel to Brazil: In Rio de Janeiro… from December to March is summer time. All you need in Rio is a good attitude and a cocktail in your hand… if you have all that, you are ready to enjoy the most famous beaches of Brazil… Copacabana and Ipanema.

Tell us Which destination you like it the most? or Have you ever been at any of these destinations? Would you suggest other destinations where to travel in December?… Leave a comment! Share your experiences with us!

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