5 Surprising Countries for unforgettable European Wildlife Holidays.

There aren’t many experiences that stir the soul as much as an encounter with impressive depredators in the wild. Whether observe wolves stalking their prey or observe the largest European carnivore, the Brown Bear.

On television, we always watch shows regarding the impressive wildlife in Africa or Australian and we tend to forget that we can enjoy a unique European Wildlife Holidays. Our continent is home to numerous and impressive beasts, like the lynxes, wolverines, polar and brown bears, just to name some of them.

While most visitors are happy to pack up and go to Kenya for an Africa Safari, few realise that you can enjoy an unforgettable European Wildlife Holidays. Either you are a holidaymaker or a safari enthusiast, on this post we propose you 5 surprising destinations, perfect for animal lovers. Check them out.

5 Surprising European Wildlife Holidays


5 Surprising Countries for unforgettable European Wildlife Holidays.

Finland is home to a large number of lush forests, beautiful Baltic Islands, remote arctic areas and a large number of blue lakes. All these pristine landscapes are home to a vast array of animals, including bears, wolverines, lynx, eagles and swans, as well as of course the seal. Birdwatching enthusiasts visit Finland to find unique species that cannot be seen in any other area of the world.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the lush Forest of Karelia home to a large number of brown bears and wolves. In addition, in Finland, you can find the Saimaa Ringed Seal, a unique seal that lives in Lake Saimaa, the largest in Finland. This Seal can be only found on this lake and thanks to the numerous conversation measures the number of seals has risen to more than 200, however, the Saimaa Ringed Seal is in serious danger of extinction.


Scotland can be classified as one of the most diverse regions in Europe. Its numerous landscapes make easy the life of thousands of species which enjoys great acceptance and protection among the inhabitants and institutes, all of them conscious of the great importance of conservation.

Scotland can offer us fabulous experiences with its wildlife, whether large and medium terrestrial mammals, large numbers of seasonal birds and especially aquatic fauna. With a geography similar to Skye, but smaller, you can find Rum, Muck and Canna, a group of green islands with small communities, perfect for enjoying fabulous European Wildlife Holidays. The shores of these islands are frequently visited by dolphins, sea otters, seals and Orcas.


Spain features a very important geographic and climatic diversity, which means that the country is home to a large array of animals. With Marine, the Mediterranean and continental climate,   the animals of the country are very diverse. Spain has mountainous regions, Coast in the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean Sea, great dry areas between both of them, which helps to the diversity of local wildlife.

Among the Spanish wildlife, you will find a variety of deer, Iberian goats, turtles, bats, snakes and small reptiles and amphibians. The largest animals in Spain are mostly endangered species like the Cantabrian brown bear, the Iberian Lynx and the Iberian wolf. However, there are some areas like Sierra de Andujar where you can see some Lynx. Also, Asturias and Cantabria are the few areas in Europe where the Brown Bear still survives. These beautiful mammals have their habitat in the forests of Cantabria and the Mountains of Asturias far from human presence.

Thanks to the strategic location of Spain, is the ideal area for rest to the migratory birds travelling from Europe to Africa. This makes Spain one of the best countries for bird watching enthusiasts. Among native Spanish birds, you can find vultures, eagles, bustards, storks and flamingos.


Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatia is a fabulous country that lately is very fashionable. The beautiful Adriatic coastline of Croatia marvels a large number of visitors, but also its interior offers spectacular natural areas home to a large number of animals. The best area for enjoying the best European Wildlife Holidays is by visiting Plitvice and Ruidera. Only 1 hour away from Velebit, you can find the Plitvice Lakes National Park, included in the World Heritage list thanks to its wonderful lakes connected through hundreds of waterfalls.

This region can boast the richness of its beaches, but also the park offers areas of firs, white pines, ash trees and all kind of plants that feature a rich range of colours in each season of the year. Also, this area is home to numerous bears, wolves, birds and insects, certainly Plitvice National Park offers a unique visual show.


Bialowieza National Park

Poland is the perfect destination for animal lovers looking for the best European Wildlife Holidays: 22 national parks, 90 natural parks and more than 1,000 reserves make Poland one of the purest and unspoilt places in Europe. To visit Poland is to immerse yourself in rural Europe with harmonious landscapes, great forests and marshes very rich in fauna.

The Bialowieza National Park, a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, protects a mixed forest in excellent conservation status. Furthermore, this forests is the oldest in Europe. The park is the last refuge of the European bison. The National Park of Biebrza, the largest in Poland, protects an extensive system of marshes, forests and meadows, with a very rich wildlife. The marshes of Biebrza are home to the country’s largest moose population, beavers and otters, among other mammals, and are the ideal habitat for an extraordinarily diverse bird community.

As you can see, you don’t have to travel to Africa or America to enjoy the best Wildlife Holidays! Some of these destinations are less than a 3-hours flight from London and you can disconnect from everyday routine and admire the beautiful animals that cohabitate the continent with us. Tell us what you think about these beautiful countries perfect for unforgettable European Wildlife Holidays. Comment!



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