Here it comes the cold and lonely winter and, soon, the desired Christmas holidays. A  few days of rest and fun that we can use to ski in one of the many resorts in the Mountains. But what happens if you do not like skiing? Holidays have to be enjoyed! An alternative plan for the winter may be to rest on a great beach, which can be located further away or closer. Out of that, a beach holiday in winter is a real blast.

Here you have 10 beach destinations for those who cannot stand the cold of winter and want to lie in the sun chasing the summer.

Mayan Riviera

One of the classic winter beach destinations is the Mayan Riviera, Mexico’s touristic jewel. You may occasionally drop a quick shower, but from December in this part of Mexico, the sun is the king. In the Mayan Riviera you will find destinations for all tastes, from the beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, with a great choice of hotels and entertainment in addition to long sandy beaches, to the quietest cabañas of Tulum, somewhat below on the coast, to lie down in the shade of Maya ruins at the edge of the Caribbean Sea.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic winter does not even exist: in Santo Domingo, the warmest city of the Dominican Republic, from December to April rains are rare, the temperatures are high and the humidity is fairly low. Its honey colour beaches dotted with palm trees are among the favourites in the Caribbean thanks to the union of a great nature and a good dose of fun and party. The most famous beach destinations of Dominican Republic are certainly Punta Cana and Boca Chica, but there are many more to discover, like Las Terrenas or Puerto Plata.


December is also the best month to travel to the East: Thailand offers some of the best summer and winter beach destinations than one can imagine. Bays of emerald waters, white beaches, amazing corals and marine life, plus a great cultural and entertainment offer in the vast majority of destinations: this is what can offer Thailand. It all depends on your taste : you can travel to Phuket, the most famous beach destination of Thailand, where you will find beautiful beaches and lots of parties, or you can visit Ko Tao, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand where is the best diving scene, or Koh Phangan to enjoy the legendary Full Moon Party, or travelling to Ko Chang, the elephant island, a paradise still unspoiled … a myriad of destinations for a multitude of tastes.


The bag should be light: shorts and t-shirts, sun cream, flip-flops and Brazilian swimwear. You will not need much more on the beaches of Copacabana or Ipanema. In Rio de Janeiro, the climate is tropical and the atmosphere cheerful, spending your time between a bath and a papaya cocktail. The reason is simple: from December to March in this part of the planet is full summer. In addition to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil offers many other charming and interesting destinations: from Salvador de Bahia to Fortaleza, to Florianopolis for those who like to surf.

Miami Beach

Have you ever been to SoBe? This is the way locals call South Beach, the most famous beach in Miami. Miami is the main winter beach destination in the United States for both Americans and foreign tourists. Here you can practice all kinds of surfing and water sports or just lie on your favourite corner of more than 2 miles of beach. And during the night the party never ends. In Miami, the weather is warm from December to May and very warm until February.


This East African archipelago of 115 islands is, in the eyes of all European travellers, the perfect representation of an exotic and charming paradise. The island of Mahe and La Digue rocks often appear on the covers of catalogues and in the showcase of travel agencies. Why? Guess it yourself! The temperatures here are high (rarely drop below 24 °), especially between December and April, the perfect time to visit Seychelles for beach lovers.


It is no coincidence that one of the Zanzibar typical songs is titled ” Hakuna Matata”, Swahili word which stands for “no problem” or even ” no worries”. Because here, in the nicest corner of Tanzania, worries simply do not reach: just relax lying in the sun (December to February here is 30 ° on average), stroll on the white sand or snorkel in the natural pools of Zanzibar.


Choose an atoll: it’s all you have to do in the Maldives. It may be a cliché to say that it is a paradise on earth, however, this part of the world dotted with small islands with palm trees and luxury resort seems to get everyone to agree. From December to April, the sky is clear and highlights the crystal clear waters. This is a vacation on the water: beach, walkways and cabins built over the water and nothing else.


December is a great month to dive into colourful Madagascar, but do not delay too much or you’ll strike the rains season which begins in January. Beach lovers can enjoy a “scented holiday” on the island of Nosy Be, where grows the fragrant flower of ylang-ylang. Or spend a few weeks in a cottage overlooking the sea, in peace with yourself and at a very competitive price. Do not forget your mask and snorkel, as the best pastime here is scuba diving.

Canary Islands

It could not lack here the Europeans preferred beaches during the cold months: the Canary Island beaches. With average daily temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees and mostly sunny days, the Canary Islands are a desirable destination also in December; also if the Canary Islands do not reach very high temperatures during winter season, we can surely enjoy the beach and terraces: a dream if compared to most part of the cities of Europe during the same season. Whichever island you choose, enjoy a great winter beach destination just a few hours flights from the European mainland.