Fabulous Zanzibar Holidays: Christmas and New Years Eve in the Spice Island.

Certainly, the dream of a large number of people, who wants to see against the window the sun and the beach instead of snowy days. Every year, more and more people change their typical Christmas celebrations to other alternatives. Most people want to feel the sun on the skin rather than drizzle in their face, there are also those who want to eat delicious food as well as zip delicious cocktails. If you are one of those, don’t forget that the clock is ticking and Santa’s little helpers can locate you everywhere, so why don’t you change the snowy and freezing days in Britain to the sunlight of Zanzibar?

A unique jewel in the Pacific Ocean, Zanzibar is undoubtedly a paradise on earth. The unparallel beauty of this lovely island makes it a lovely location perfect for your next Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Turquoise waters and beaches with white sand as snow, Zanzibar is perfect if you want to enjoy your holidays in an exotic paradise. The island guarantees not only pleasant temperatures, which is perfect for those who don’t like winter cold, but also for warm up your heart and soul. On this post, we propose you 3 different plans for fabulous Zanzibar holidays so you can spend an unforgettable Christmas and New Years Eve.

Zanzibar Holidays

Jambiani Beach

Fabulous Zanzibar Holidays: Christmas and New Years Eve in the Spice Island.

Let’s face it, on holidays we want to escape from the bustle and hustle of the city, reason why Zanzibar might be the perfect location. Of course, that Zanzibar has popular towns like Nungwi, but if you have fly across the continent, is for enjoying the peaceful and quiet areas of Zanzibar. The exotic paradise with lush vegetation and crystal clear waters is what Jambiani Beach offers you.

This quiet fishing village doesn’t have numerous attractions, nevertheless offers the enough to ensure you the peace of mind you request. Forget fireworks and inebriated people all over the streets, on Jambiani Beach you will just listen to the groovy tunes of the sea, the waves breaking against the shores and the soft breeze blowing the leaves of the trees.


Obviously, in Zanzibar, you can find an exciting party scene and that can be found in Kendwa. Now, we invite you to relax and close your eyes and picture yourself dancing in the moonlight. On the bar, you can enjoy the large array of drinks and cocktails served there and enjoy the party until the sun comes up over the turquoise waters of Zanzibar.

Chumbe Island

For those who want to rekindle the flame and want to enjoy the idyllic holidays in the paradise, we suggest visiting Chumbe Island. This lovely tropical island is located only 6 km west of Zanzibar. In a short boat ride, you reach this magical island home to a stunning coral reef sanctuary.

The award-winning nature reserve of Chumbe Island is undoubtedly a fabulous place to spend your Christmas holidays. This reserve includes a fully protected coral reef sanctuary, a harbour, home to a large number of rare wildlife, and a lush forest home to numerous fauna. If you want to spend a quiet and romantic Christmas Holidays, Chumbe Island is definitely your spot.

As you can see, Christmas not necessary must be celebrated in a certain way, the whole family around a Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols and drinking cocoa in front of a chimney. Christmas holidays can be dazzling and a whole new experience full of spicy and excitation. Why don’t you get off your comfort area and say hello to the New Year at a brand new place with a totally renew attitude? Tell us what you think of our list of 3 different plans for fabulous Zanzibar holidays for spending an unforgettable Christmas and New Years Eve.



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